Philosophy Research Topics: 400+ Captivating Ideas

Philosophy Research Topics Ideas

As a Ph.D. student, writing a top-notch research paper will demonstrate your understanding of a subject. Students pursuing philosophy courses tend to be perpetually engaged in studying philosophical questions and framing a philosophy research paper around those answers. The goal of a research paper in philosophy isn’t limited to stating facts; instead, it includes asking the student to think through those facts. It includes students’ ability to analyse, discern, and construct logical arguments in their papers. Thus, to conduct enticing research, one must select a strong philosophical research topic that will keep them inspired and assist them in constructing a strong research paper.

In this post, we will demonstrate some significant areas of philosophy from which you can select some excellent philosophy research paper topics for your upcoming research.

Significant Areas to Consider In Philosophy

As discussed earlier, philosophy is the study of truth about the hidden realities of humankind. Before moving forward with your topic selection, students need to acknowledge different areas of philosophy. It will assist you in narrowing down your research into significant research areas as per your interest. Thus, continue to read this section to understand different branches of philosophy.

Branches of philosophy

  • Metaphysics: At its core, the study of metaphysics deals with the principle of existence and the nature of what truly exists in the real world, what it is like, and how it is formed. In metaphysics, you learn about ontology, nature, space and time, change, identity, objects, modality, laws of nature, etc.
  • Epistemology is the study of belief and knowledge. Epistemology is primarily concerned with seeking the answer to what we know about the universe and how we can know it. Additionally, epistemology studies the difference between believing something and knowing something, determining whether what we know is factual.
  • Logic: This is yet another important area of studying philosophy. Logic is generally the study of inference patterns. Logic in philosophy studies the scope and nature of logic. Philosophers employ logic to explore the nature and structure of arguments. Additionally, they study how other claims support any particular claim. Logic investigates related concepts, such as if, and, or, not, and some.
  • Political Philosophy: This branch of philosophy involves concepts, values, and arguments concerned with political matters.
  • History of philosophy: The study of knowing the philosophical positions, principles, and concepts that are highlighted, analysed, and explained in history.
  • Ethics: The term “ethics” concerns the philosophical study of the principles of moral rights and wrongs and moral good or bad for any philosophical concept.

400+ Philosophy Research Paper Topics

Now that we have studied the central branches of philosophy on which you can base your research paper, it is time to get onto the list of philosophy topics below that you can consider.

Axiology Research Paper Topics

Axiology, also known as the “theory of value,” is the branch of philosophy that studies value. It explores the nature and classification of values. Additionally, axiology studies what kinds of things have values and even logic. Below you can find some excellent axiology research paper topics in philosophy to get you started on your research:

  1. Axiology and aesthetics
  2. Comparative analysis between Axiology and aesthetics
  3. Understanding the theories and science of values through Axiology
  4. Epistemology, Axiology, and ideology in sociology
  5. The Roles of Values and Axiology
  6. Understanding the relationship between ethics and aesthetics with the help of Axiology
  7. A critical analysis of the phenomenon of values through Axiology
  8. Epistemology, Axiology, and ideology in sociology
  9. Axiology in teacher education: challenges and opportunities
  10. Epistemology, Axiology, and ideology in sociology
  11. Transdisciplinary Axiology: to be or not to be

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Epistemology: Philosophical Topics to Write About

As discussed above, epistemology is the study of belief and knowledge. It employs questions such as, “what is knowledge”? or “how can we justify our beliefs”? Are you one of those students who are intrigued to research more on epistemology topics? If so, then you can have a look at the following philosophy paper ideas on epistemology topics:

  1. Epistemology: An Introduction to the Theory of Knowledge
  2. A critical analysis of the structure of knowledge and justification
  3. Leibniz’s contribution to epistemology
  4. Moderate modal skepticism
  5. The significance of epistemology for the growth of philosophical literature
  6. Self-blindness and self-knowledge: a conceptualized study
  7. Philosophical Skepticism: A Critical Analysis
  8. Internalism and externalism in epistemology
  9. Contextualism in Epistemology
  10. Contextualism and epistemic rationality
  11. Contextualism as a Theory of Knowledge
  12. Epistemological Problems of Perception
  13. Fundamental flaws in epistemology
  14. A detailed study on epistemic reactive attitudes
  15. Shoemaker’s concept of “self-blindness.”
  16. Epistemic closure principles: an overview
  17. Exploring knowledge as a mental state
  18. Epistemology and educational research in the 21st century
  19. The impact of facts and beliefs on human beings
  20. Language, epistemology, and mysticism
  21. Arguments and positions in epistemology in the 21st century
  22. A comparative analysis between epistemology and psychology

Phenomenology and Philosophy Topic List

Phenomenology is the branch of philosophy that explores the structures of consciousness that a person experiences. It is the study of phenomena, i.e., it studies things and events literally as they appear from the first-person point of view. Consider the following ideas for a phenomenology philosophy paper:

  1. A brief history of existential phenomenology
  2. The European roots of existential phenomenology
  3. Edmund Husserl’s contribution to phenomenology
  4. An introduction to phenomenology
  5. How phenomenology can help us learn from the experiences of others
  6. The phenomenology of Dvali–Gabadadze–portrait cosmologies
  7. Understanding the challenges and opportunities for understanding phenomenology
  8. An introduction to perception phenomenology
  9. Understanding the relationship between phenomenology and general science
  10. Husserl’s (descriptive) versus Heidegger’s (interpretive) phenomenological research approaches
  11. Understanding the role of phenomenology in nursing research
  12. Philosophy of phenomenology: an overview
  13. The role of phenomenology in research on mental health patients
  14. A Phenomenological Research Study on Writer’s Block
  15. Understanding the power of multi-perspective through phenomenological research
  16. Phenomenological approaches and techniques in psychology and health science
  17. An introduction to phenomenological approaches to studying anthropology
  18. Edmund Husserl’s Transcendental Phenomenology

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Ideas for a Philosophy Paper on Ontology

Ontology is one of the oldest branches of philosophy that explores the nature of existence or reality. In this field, philosophers seek the answers to questions like whether God exists and nature’s existence. If this research area piques your interest, these topics are specifically compiled to help you out. Take a look and choose what topic suits you the best:

  1. A detailed analysis of the different conceptions of ontology
  2. The philosophy of science: paradigm, ontology, and epistemology
  3. A comparative analysis of ontology modeling with other data-based models
  4. Ontology of research philosophies
  5. Understanding the theories of ontology in business studies
  6. The language of gene ontology
  7. The study of ontology based on Plato, Aristotle, and Avicenna’s opinions
  8. Historical ontology: a critical analysis
  9. Anselm’s ontological argument for God’s existence
  10. Anselm’s Ontological Proof of God
  11. Ontological and epistemological perspectives
  12. Ontology in Deleuze’s “The Fold”
  13. Ontological and Pascal’s wager arguments about God
  14. Evaluating the importance of epistemology and ontology in leadership research
  15. An ontological and epistemological perspective on the quality of life
  16. the ontological, cosmological, or teleological arguments
  17. Constructing ontology-based exclusive environmental certification systems
  18. Ontology-driven data mediation in Web services
  19. Visualizing information science knowledge by modeling domain Ontologies
  20. Ontology-enhanced concepts Hierarchies for text identification

Realism and Philosophy Research Topics

In philosophy, the reality is considered independent of human perceptions. This way of thinking is based on the belief that information is developed through a scientific method. This section of our blog is dedicated to philosophy research paper topics based on realism. Let’s have a look at these interesting philosophical topics about realism:

  1. Realism, poetry, and naturalism
  2. Thomas Reid’s direct realism
  3. Exploring the significance of realism and liberalism in international relations
  4. Idealism and realism: a detailed analysis
  5. Theories, realism, and liberalism
  6. An introduction to the philosophy of mind by Thomas Reid
  7. Maze’s direct realism and the character of cognition
  8. The seduction of realism: a critical analysis
  9. The significance of semantic realism
  10. A comparative analysis of realism and anti-realism
  11. Speculative realism: understanding the thoughts and realities
  12. A critical analysis of the threefold cord
  13. Understanding the theory of modern liberalism
  14. Realism, Naturalism, and Modernism
  15. Confusions and Criticisms of Classical Realism and Neorealism
  16. Exploring the importance of naturalism and realism in American literature
  17. A guide to romanticism, realism, and expressionism in art
  18. Concept of direct realism in philosophy
  19. Magical realism in literature
  20. Realist and constructivist approaches to China-Japan relations

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Philosophy Research Paper Topics in Human Science

Philosophy has always been an important part of human culture. Students who are eager to research topics in philosophy related to humankind can consider the following research topics:

  1. Introduction to the practices of philosophy and their impact on human science
  2. A critique of global human behavior practices and assumptions
  3. A meticulous and methodical approach to human nature
  4. Development of the human sciences in the 18th century
  5. The origins of existential phenomenology in Europe
  6. The biological and cultural aspects of human science research initiatives
  7. The importance of qualitative research techniques in all areas of the human sciences
  8. A review of the institutions devoted to the humanistic/human science philosophy
  9. Talk about how American culture has influenced other countries’ cultures and systems.
  10. Western civilization’s core values in developing nations
  11. Human interactions have a long history.
  12. Acceptable political and cultural norms for all human interactions
  13. Choosing optimism in a society that is constantly bombarded with doom and gloom
  14. A methodical approach to understanding human nature
  15. A critical analysis of philosophy as a model of human science
  16. Philosophical presuppositions and the human sciences
  17. The influence of Greek philosophers on human sciences
  18. The European roots of existential phenomenology
  19. The effects of American infusionism on global civilizations

Transcendentalism Topics in Philosophy

Transcendental philosophy is another name for transcendentalism. This school of thought holds that humans are born good but become corrupted due to social obligations, peer pressure, and societal wrongdoing. It is one of the most interesting branches of philosophy that most students prefer to research.

  1. Transcendentalism, a major philosophical movement in the eighteenth century
  2. Beliefs and characteristics associated with transcendentalism
  3. Exploring the history of transcendentalism in 19th-century America
  4. The Transcendentalist Ideas in the Writings of Henry David Thoreau and Emily Dickinson
  5. History of British Transcendentalism
  6. Role of Transcendentalism and Romanticism in the Development of Nineteenth-Century Literature
  7. Transcendentalism in American history
  8. Transcendentalist battle between Ralph Emerson and Henry David Thoreau
  9. Lois Lowry’s The Giver: Individualism and Transcendentalism
  10. A Quantitative Essay on Transcendentalism and Self-Love
  11. The Literary Movement of Transcendentalism
  12. Romantic and transcendental movements in the 1830s
  13. Philosophical Aspects of the Transcendentalist-BTS Relationship
  14. The Development of Transcendentalism in Early American Society
  15. A critical analysis of the literary movements of transcendentalism
  16. Transcendentalism and Nature’s Worth
  17. The Religious movement Of Transcendentalism in Modern England
  18. The Spirit of Individualism and Transcendentalism
  19. Romanticism and transcendentalism in Dead Poets’ Society
  20. Transcendentalism: A Critical Analysis of Walden by Henry David Thoreau
  21. The philosophy of transcendentalism in New England in the early 1830s
  22. Transcendentalism through the eyes of Emerson, Thoreau, and Fuller
  23. The political philosophy behind transcendentalism in Britain
  24. Transcendentalism as the Antidote to Brainwashed Youth
  25. Transcendentalism versus Anti-Transcendentalism
  26. The impact of transcendentalism in the works of Emily Dickenson
  27. Great utopian thinkers and transcendentalism in 19th-century America
  28. Transcendentalism in Western Individualism and Spirituality

Philosophy Research Paper Topics in Education

The philosophy of education is the branch of applied philosophy that entails the nature and aim of education and the philosophical issues revolving around it. This practice is ubiquitous in human societies, has so many different manifestations in society, and has such a profound impact that it encompasses a wide range of philosophical issues, including ethics, social/political philosophy, epistemology, metaphysics, and philosophy of mind and language, among others.

Below is a list of some of the best philosophy research topics on education. For the best results, consider reading every philosophy topic in the below-given list:

  1. An examination of education through the lens of the cave allegory
  2. Taliban policies and philosophies toward the education of women
  3. Educational philosophy: a detailed analysis of pragmatism in education
  4. Educational philosophy in the K–12 classrooms
  5. How has educational philosophy transformed over time?
  6. How has the significance of education evolved?
  7. A detailed study on the educational philosophies of training and developing an adult
  8. How can educational philosophy train the mind of an individual?
  9. How does proper schooling evolve an individual’s personality?
  10. The significance of formal education
  11. A detailed study of the philosophy of education in ancient Greece
  12. Immanuel Kant: International Bureau of Education
  13. How is morality concerned with the education of an individual?
  14. A theoretical framework for the teacher’s philosophy of education
  15. The idea of educational philosophy
  16. Al-Ghazali’s philosophy and principles of education
  17. Significance of Philosophy
  18. Radical adult education philosophy: a detailed study
  19. Philosophy of multicultural education
  20. Educational Essentialism: An Untold Story in American Educational History
  21. American philosophies toward education
  22. A notion of change and advancements in education
  23. Philosophy of Nigerian Education: A Detailed Handbook
  24. An analysis of educational philosophy and curriculum
  25. Rousseau’s concept of education
  26. Exploring the evolving philosophy of women’s education
  27. The history and growth of philosophical education in America
  28. A detailed study on constructivism as a theory of learning
  29. Applying constructivism to constructivist learning cultures

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Religion-Related Philosophical Topics

Students who find the philosophy of religion an intriguing subject can have a look at the following philosophy research topics on religion:

  1. An introduction to the phenomenology of religion
  2. Heidegger’s phenomenology of religion
  3. Can the fallen angel become a saint again?
  4. A critical analysis of education and religion in Thomas More’s Utopia
  5. Origin, Movement, and Religion of the Enlightenment
  6. Philosophy and religion in Buddhism
  7. Religion in the modern, contemporary world
  8. Influence of religion on the behavior of an individual
  9. Declaration of humanity as a supreme religion
  10. Compatibility of science with religion
  11. Can we practice religion while abandoning humanity?
  12. Morality and religion: a comparative analysis
  13. Will COVID-19 lead to a decline in religion?
  14. Religion and Democracy in Taiwan
  15. Can the fallen angel become a saint again?
  16. Does the devil deserve a second chance?
  17. A philosophical discussion on religion
  18. Exploring the contradictions between religion and philosophy
  19. Does religion restrict our ability to contemplate life’s meaning?
  20. Would COVID-19 undermine the foundations of established religions?

Classic German Philosophy Research Paper Topics

Students are always excited to read and research classic German research topics. Thus, to help students, we have gathered some of the most appropriate topics for a classic German research paper. If you’re interested in this subject, consider reading each topic and selecting the topic that closely matches your interests:

  1. 17th and 18th-century German philosophy
  2. Kant’s Works in Theoretical Philosophy
  3. Leibniz: Philosophy of Mathematics and Logic
  4. Kant: Metaphysics and Epistemology,
  5. Kant: Synthesis
  6. Social, political, and religious thought in the ancient German world
  7. Kant: Transcendental Idealism
  8. Aristotle’s Scientific Demonstrations as Expositions of Essence
  9. Philosophy of Gender, Race, and Sexuality
  10. Kant: Philosophy of Mind
  11. Leibniz’s Philosophy of Science
  12. Leibniz: Aesthetics
  13. Leibniz: Metaphysics
  14. Leibniz: Epistemology
  15. Leibniz: Philosophy of Mind
  16. Lambert on Morality and Moral Illusion
  17. Leibniz: Philosophy of Action
  18. The Birth of Ontology
  19. Leibniz: Philosophy of Language
  20. Leibniz’s Philosophy of Mathematics and Logic
  21. Leibniz’s Philosophy of Science

Buddhist Philosophy Topics for Research Papers

Buddhist philosophy is based on the beliefs and principles developed among different Buddhist schools in India following the Parinirvana of Gautama Buddha and later spread throughout Asia. In Buddhist philosophy, meditation and philosophical reasoning are inextricably linked. This section compiles a list of Buddhist philosophy paper ideas and topics that summarize everything you need to know about Buddhist philosophies.

  1. Buddhism: religion and philosophy
  2. A comparative study between Buddhism and Stoicism
  3. Buddhism and western philosophy
  4. A comparative study of Buddhism versus Hinduism
  5. An in-depth study on the convergence of Buddhism and Hinduism in India
  6. Buddhism-associated theories in China
  7. Indo-Buddhist and Taoist-Confucian types of culture
  8. The philosophy of Buddhism and Hinduism: a historical sketch
  9. The view of sin and punishment in Buddhism versus other religions
  10. Japanese Zen Buddhist philosophy
  11. A handbook on Zen Buddhism and Enlightenment
  12. The philosophy of Schopenhauer: an in-depth research analysis
  13. A detailed study of the misconceptions concerning sexuality in the Buddhist religion
  14. Philosophical impact of Buddhism and Shinto practices
  15. Exploring the relationship between Shintoism and Buddhism in China
  16. The philosophical reasoning behind the noble truths in Buddhism
  17. Elements of Buddhism’s religion that make it scary
  18. Influence of Buddhism on Schopenhauer’s idea
  19. An in-depth study of the components of Buddhism that make it sacred
  20. An introduction to Buddhism as philosophy: why does it matter to philosophy?

Pragmatism and Philosophy Paper Topics

Pragmatism is a philosophical movement that consists of individuals who believe that an ideology or concept can only be true if it works satisfactorily. This movement originated during the latter quarter of the 19th century. Throughout the years, this philosophy field has constantly motivated individuals from the fields of law, sociology, education, etc. Thus, if you are a student of any such field, you can use the below-given research topics according to your interests and needs.

  1. An introduction to pragmatism
  2. Pragmatism as a philosophy of the social sciences
  3. Philosophical ideas of pragmatism
  4. The role of classic pragmatism in the development of feminist theories
  5. Feminism and pragmatism: a comparative analysis
  6. A detailed study for understanding the evolution of pragmatics
  7. Implementation of Pragmatism in Education
  8. Pragmatism and Feminism as Qualified Relativism
  9. Bridging Pragmatism and Feminism Through Education
  10. A methodological interpretation of contemporary feminist pragmatism
  11. American pragmatism and analytic philosophy
  12. A detailed study on the principles of pragmatism
  13. American pragmatism in the 20th century
  14. Pragmatism and education: a detailed study
  15. Pragmatic liberal education
  16. The necessity of pragmatism for studying philosophy
  17. Consequences of positivism: A pragmatist assessment
  18. Pragmatism and positivism
  19. Pragmatism: A Learning Theory for the Future
  20. Pragmatism in the field of communication theory

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Interesting Ancient Philosophy Topics

Ancient philosophy is one of the most interesting branches of philosophy. A huge number of philosophical issues were discussed in this era. Thus, you can find some excellent and interesting philosophy topics for your research paper in this section:

  1. Philosophy was considered a branch of theory in classical times.
  2. Immanuel Kant’s philosophy
  3. The truth as perceived by the ancient thinkers
  4. The philosophy of stoicism
  5. How did the prehistoric philosophical system change?
  6. A study of classical philosophy
  7. Roman Stoic beliefs and philosophers
  8. A detailed study of philosophical anthropology
  9. Greek philosophy and its impact on medicine
  10. How does ancient philosophy elaborate on creationism?
  11. Philosophers and medicine in ancient times
  12. Philosophy, its various issues, and its place in prehistoric civilization
  13. “Know thyself,” the philosophy of self-knowledge
  14. Ancient philosophy’s conception of the world
  15. Ancient philosophy and science
  16. The history of philosophy and medicine
  17. Ancient Greek Philosophy
  18. The early Greek philosophers’ cosmology
  19. Understanding mythology from a philosophical point of view
  20. The demise of Democritus
  21. Ancient Greek Philosophy
  22. Platon’s political philosophy: history and myth
  23. The development of philosophy and ancient mythology
  24. Creationism: The Origin of Human History and the First Man
  25. The Rise of Christianity and Roman Stoicism
  26. Democritus and his atomic theory of the universe
  27. The ancient origins of medieval culture
  28. Cosmology in ancient philosophy: a detailed study
  29. What was the role of Seneca Stoicism in shaping ancient society?
  30. Ancient philosophy, mystery, and magic: Empedocles and Pythagorean tradition

Enlightenment-Related Philosophical Topics to Write About

Are you thinking of choosing enlightenment-related topics for your academic paper/project? If yes, then take a quick peek at the following philosophical topics regarding Enlightenment:

  1. The Enlightenment Movement’s Principal Contributors
  2. Age of Enlightenment: A Detailed Handbook
  3. Enlightenment’s Positive and Negative Aspects
  4. A detailed study of the political theory of Enlightenment
  5. The seventeenth-century Rosicrucian Enlightenment
  6. The French Enlightenment’s naturalistic view of human nature and civilization
  7. the ideas of falsifiability, illumination, and Judith Thunberg
  8. In what ways is the Enlightenment the culmination of earlier revolutions?
  9. The extent to which the Enlightenment changed English society
  10. Zen, Enlightenment, and Buddhism
  11. The Enlightenment Tradition and its Critics
  12. The sexual Enlightenment of children
  13. A Critique of Freudian Psychosexual Child Enlightenment
  14. The Essence of Political Thought in the Enlightenment: Arguments for and Against the Radicality of the Enlightenment
  15. American Enlightenment thought: a detailed analysis
  16. Enlightenment and the era of modernity
  17. The age of revolution, Renaissance, and Enlightenment
  18. Movements of Enlightenment and Romanticism: An Analysis

Renaissance Philosophy Research Paper Topics

Students interested in studying Renaissance philosophy can have a look at the below-listed research topics and choose one:

  1. A comparative analysis of the High Renaissance in Rome and that of Northern Europe
  2. William Shakespeare and the Renaissance: an overview
  3. The Art, Architecture, and Artists of the High Italian Renaissance
  4. How the Renaissance changed the way individuals saw the world
  5. The impact of the Great Migration and economic developments on literature and art
  6. The importance of the Carolingian Renaissance on the Bible
  7. How the discoveries of the Renaissance period influenced people’s perspectives toward life
  8. The Renaissance art patronage system in Italy
  9. Renaissance Drama in England and Spain
  10. Scottish Literature before the Enlightenment
  11. Italian Renaissance: Paintings
  12. The effects of the early Renaissance on medical breakthroughs
  13. What have been the advancements in Renaissance culture and arts over the years?
  14. How the Renaissance changed the way individuals saw the world
  15. Contributions of some of the Renaissance’s greatest forefathers
  16. The ideal fusion of musical and artistic endeavors
  17. The psychology of Renaissance art
  18. Renaissance art and the motives of philosophy about the world
  19. Early responses to Renaissance drama
  20. The Renaissance’s humanist intellectual, cultural, and creative revolution
  21. The representation of erotica and sexuality in works of 16th-century Renaissance art
  22. 15th-century Northern Renaissance
  23. The Timeline of the French Renaissance
  24. The life of Leonardo da Vinci: the genius
  25. How discoveries made during the Renaissance influenced people’s outlook on life
  26. The aspirations of global philosophy and Renaissance art
  27. New patterns of Renaissance thought
  28. Individualism and Humanism in the Renaissance
  29. The myth of Renaissance individualism
  30. Artists of the High Renaissance
  31. Why did Renaissance art incorporate all essential worldviews into one cohesive whole?
  32. Individualism is a trait of Renaissance humanism.
  33. Philosophy in the Middle Ages and the Renaissance
  34. Psychology’s Renaissance
  35. Influential English poetry in the sixteenth century
  36. The woman in question in Renaissance texts
  37. How the Reformation grew from the Renaissance
  38. Family of the Medici and Florentine Renaissance

Modern Philosophy Research Paper Topics

Modern philosophy can be an excellent branch of philosophy to use in your research. The important aspect is bringing new perspectives to these existing research topics. Here are some interesting modern philosophy research paper topics.

  1. An introduction to modern philosophy
  2. Essential modern life values: an overview
  3. Why do morality and religion, which address the same issues, differ?
  4. Why do people slaughter animals for their religion?
  5. A comparative analysis of modern and ancient philosophies
  6. The postmodernist ideas in philosophy
  7. Can we practice religion while abandoning humanity?
  8. Monistic modern science vs. pluralistic modern science
  9. The existence of fate in the modern world
  10. A controversial aspect of modern life
  11. Abortion in modern society: a critical analysis
  12. War and peace in the modern era
  13. Modern ideas of language and its relation to reality
  14. Capital punishment in the modern era: is it justified?
  15. The mental demands of modern life
  16. The impact of covid-19 on religious freedom
  17. Essential life lessons that modern philosophy teaches us
  18. The concept of power in the modern age
  19. Understanding evil as a collective phenomenon in the modern world
  20. Will covid-19 lead to a decline in religion?
  21. An introduction to postmodern philosophy
  22. Exploring happiness through the prism of modern youth
  23. Postmodernism ideas in philosophy
  24. The dignity of human life: an ethical analysis
  25. Understanding Friendship Through the Eyes of Aristotle
  26. Hans Georg Gadamer on prejudice and the trans-modern project
  27. What are we learning from the nature of language?
  28. The existence of American dreams
  29. Humanity and philosophy

Basic Philosophy Research Topics on Capital Punishment

Some research paper topics revolve around some basic yet interesting facts. These basic philosophy research topic ideas are one of them:

  1. Drawbacks and benefits of capital punishment in the modern world
  2. Should capital punishment be justified in modern society?
  3. Abolishment of capital punishment for resolving the root causes of the problems
  4. Capital punishment: a global perspective
  5. An introduction to capital punishment in America
  6. Capital punishment as a legal system
  7. Adaptation of a permanent solution over capital punishment: an overview
  8. The role of criminal justice in debating the legality of capital punishment
  9. Relationship between capital punishment and reformative punishment
  10. Abolition of capital punishment
  11. Legalization of capital punishment: a philosophical investigation
  12. Understanding capital punishment as a global system
  13. The political and personal issues related to capital punishment
  14. Arguments for life and death regarding capital punishment
  15. The pros and cons of capital punishment
  16. A detailed introspection on the controversies related to capital punishment
  17. History and present status of capital punishment from a global perspective
  18. The psychological differences between criminals when they commit crimes and when they are punished

Argumentative Philosophy Research Paper Topics

Our experienced expert writers have managed to compile this list of excellent argumentative philosophy research topics for you. Read each one of these topics and choose the best for your research:

  1. Do most people feel they are living to the fullest extent possible?
  2. If being married for money meant you’d never be content, would you do it?
  3. Do you want to experience life more than once?
  4. A critical analysis of whether abiding by all regulations is morally right or not
  5. Religion-related philosophical debates
  6. Does life continue after death?
  7. Reconstructing the meaning of loneliness
  8. Multiculturalism and Autonomy in a liberal society
  9. Machiavelli’s concepts: examining the drawbacks and advantages
  10. Arguments against claiming that humanity is the only true religion
  11. Assessing the presence of life: Are people the only living things?

Argumentative Philosophy Research Paper Topics on Feminism

Feminism has been a source of contention for several decades. Feminism has come a long way, but much more must be done. This section is thoroughly concerned with students interested in knowing more about the philosophical aspects of feminism.

  1. Mary Baker Eddy’s pragmatic transcendental feminism
  2. A detailed analysis of feminism and transcendentalism in 19th-century America
  3. Pragmatism and Feminism as Qualified Relativism
  4. Bridging Pragmatism and Feminism Through Education
  5. Feminism as a cultural renaissance
  6. Multiculturalism and Feminism
  7. Philosophical approaches to feminism
  8. The ruling of the spirit over the mind
  9. Feminism: Marriage and Civil Unions
  10. Feminist beliefs and feminist movements
  11. Normative and descriptive components
  12. Feminism and the Diversity of Women
  13. Feminist perspectives on rape
  14. Feminist perspectives on reproduction and the family
  15. Feminist perspectives on science
  16. Implications for feminist thought as well as teaching and learning
  17. Feminist perspectives on sex and gender
  18. Feminist perspectives on sex markets
  19. Feminist perspectives on the body
  20. Feminist standpoint theory
  21. Feminist perspectives on the self
  22. Feminist perspectives on trans issues

Political Philosophy Topics to Write About

Political philosophy is the branch of philosophy concerned with the philosophical study of government at the most abstract level, with the nature, concepts, scope, and arguments of political opinion.

  1. An introduction to political philosophy
  2. Platon’s political philosophy
  3. Multiculturalism and Feminism
  4. Difference between “positive” and “negative” liberty
  5. Understanding liberalism and feminism through political philosophy
  6. Classical and contemporary readings of political philosophy
  7. Appropriate limits on individual liberty and government authority
  8. The ethics of immigration
  9. Anatomy in political theories
  10. Cultural relativism: a detailed analysis
  11. The Leveling-Down Objection
  12. Philosophy of sexual orientation
  13. Retrieving Rawls for Racial Justice
  14. Rational Choice and Democratic Deliberation
  15. Apply philosophical thinking to real-world problems in politics;
  16. Libertarianism: What Everyone Needs to Know
  17. A detailed study on the origins of inequality
  18. Political and philosophical rights against discrimination
  19. A Concise Introduction to the World’s Greatest Political Philosophers and Their Ideas
  20. Epistemological commitments involved in social movements, civic, and political action interpretation of historical and contemporary texts in political philosophy
  21. A theory of government and freedom

The Bottom Line

These were some of the best 400+ philosophy research topics for your upcoming paper. Go ahead and choose the best philosophy topic idea that intrigues you the most.

The above topics are meant to serve and inspire you in your upcoming research work. After selecting the right topic for yourself, you can complete the research and, later on, the writing part. Remember that this will only be the initial phase of your research work. It is indeed going to be a long and challenging journey ahead. But know that hard work always keeps the wrinkles out of the mind and spirit. No matter how hard the journey will be, you will always find a light at the end of the tunnel.

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