Anthropology Research Topics: 100+ Ideas

Anthropology Research Topics

Do you want to frame an anthropology research paper that helps you stand out from the crowd? If this is the case, don’t worry because we have you covered. However, before jumping straight to the writing part, the first step is to select a great anthropology research topic.

A majority of students consider this step to be the most daunting. Choosing a topic and researching it can take time and effort. It requires a broad range of skills. However, since it is an academic compulsion, you must recognize it for a short time. Why not give this your most passionate shot once and for all and fully indulge in it once and all?

Don’t be afraid, as we’re here to navigate you through an enticing list of 100+ research topics in anthropology. These topics will help you frame the outstanding research paper you have always wanted. You can choose these topics as they are or tweak them a little according to your unique requirements.

Working on Anthropology Research Paper Topics

To frame an outstanding research paper on anthropological topics, the first and foremost thing is to think anthropologically. Thinking anthropologically implies suspending their preconceived notions of how the world functions and what constitutes “normal” or “abnormal.” Anthropology urges anthropologists to be “culturally relative” and to comprehend cultural diversity on their terms. Anthropology rejects ethnocentrism and recognizes divergence without placing it in a hierarchy.

When you are writing your anthropology research paper, you need to ensure the following items are on your checklist:

  • Critically analyze and evaluate cultural norms (both in your own and other cultures).
  • Conduct comprehensive research on ethnographic data (including data and descriptions of everyday events, oral histories, and significant interviews) to understand significant patterns.
  • Organize all the ethnographic or other evidence to expound on a phenomenon or event or support a hypothesis or argument.
  • Evaluate a theoretical viewpoint critically to determine how well it explains cultural occurrences.

100+ Anthropology Research Paper Topics

There are a few subjects that intrigue the majority of students. These are anthropology, psychology, mythology, sociology, and other good ethnography topics.

Drafting a research paper on anthropology comes with a wide spectrum of special subtopics. These subtopics include linguistics, biology, current events, and cultural anthropology topics to choose from. These topics are mentioned below and can help inspire fascinating research and writing about humans and their evolution.

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Top 20 Topics in Anthropology

If you’re looking for the most researched anthropology topics for research papers that most readers will find interesting, you’ve come to the right place. Look at the following anthropological topics and choose one that suits your requirements best:

  1. Global forensic anthropology and forensic pathology
  2. Evolutionary theory in anthropology
  3. Aging cultures and perceptions
  4. Anthropology: an introduction to anthropology beyond humanity
  5. Women in Lakota Sioux culture
  6. Peru’s Quechua people: a living Andean culture
  7. The evolution of Islamic terrorism
  8. The advantages and disadvantages of eugenics
  9. Western civilization: aging and identity
  10. The cultural anthropology of time: an applied perspective
  11. Aging and kyphosis: a narrative review
  12. Theories about the evolutionary origins of humans
  13. The Hijra of India: effects of colonization and globalization
  14. Mass globalization
  15. Unimagined communities: sex, networks, and AIDS in Uganda
  16. The long history of gender roles in medicine
  17. Developmental anthropology
  18. Climate change and global health: anthropology and beyond
  19. Eugenics in the 21st century
  20. Living in closed societies: ethical and political issues

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Biology and Anthropology Topics for Research

Biological anthropologists investigate, document, and explain the evolution of morphological variations among humankind through time in the historical record. They also provide a comparative perspective on the uniqueness of the human race compared to other living primates. It is a very popular subject for students. Thus, if you’re keen to research more about such factors, then consider these biological anthropology topics that will help you get started with a specific mindset for writing:

  1. The history of biological anthropology: understanding the natural history of humankind
  2. A handbook on paleoanthropology: the history of our tribes
  3. Minimizing the risk of maladaptation: a developmental perspective
  4. Understanding the current stage of paleoanthropology in the USSR
  5. Biological anthropology with other allied fields of science
  6. How biological anthropology explains the genesis of human behaviour and social structures
  7. Applying biological anthropology to interpret human evolution
  8. How do the biotech and pharmaceutical industries influence modern medicine?
  9. Biological anthropology and aging

Controversial Anthropology Topics for Research

Writing and researching controversial topics is always the cherry on the cake. You can easily expound on these topics by corroborating a huge spectrum of data and resources. Thus, instead of choosing drudgery research topics in anthropology, give another penny for your thoughts and choose controversial topics. Topic ideas relating to controversial topics are here.

  1. Ancient Egyptian civilization: the culture of life and death
  2. Validation of social anthropology
  3. The ethnographic paradigms
  4. The war on infanticide has a global scope and magnitude.
  5. Cultural construction or anthropology: theory and empirical evidence
  6. The criticism of the European monarchy over western democracy
  7. The relationship between social anthropology and allied disciplines
  8. Hidden voices: Unveiling women in Ancient Egypt
  9. Understanding Italian culture: Greek culture’s influence on Italian languages and culture
  10. The origins and natural history of human morality
  11. Analyzing male aggression against women from an evolutionary perspective
  12. Understanding personality, cognition, and behavioural changes in chimpanzees
  13. Infanticide as an evolutionary strategy: reality or myth?
  14. The myth of man as a natural hunter
  15. Analyzing the dart and the Seville statement on war
  16. The history of Samoan sexual conduct and the Mead-Freeman controversy
  17. Menopause: adaptation or epiphenomenon?
  18. Who owns the past?
  19. The repatriation of anthropology

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Cultural Anthropology Research Topics

Cultural anthropology is the branch of anthropology that studies human societies, patterns, cultures, and developments. Some of the contentious cultural anthropology topics are given below:

  1. Cultural anthropology and linguistics
  2. The evolution of sexism: a critical analysis of past problems and future possibilities
  3. The flourishing of libertarian literary writings
  4. The history of women’s struggles
  5. The cultural anthropology of time: an applied perspective
  6. Cultural anthropology and psychiatry
  7. The development of sociology and social anthropology
  8. Fundamental religious principles govern child forced marriages in northern Nigeria.
  9. The battle of African women for equality
  10. Patriarchy and the representation of women in Asian nations
  11. Green and Roman mythology: a comparative analysis
  12. African traditional beliefs and spirituality in Africa
  13. Cultural violence and the Nigerian woman: a narrative review
  14. The ultimate journey of widow-burning in India
  15. Exploring cultural spaces and technologies in contemporary societies
  16. The biological myth of human evolution: a phylogenetic approach
  17. Erasing culture and race: practising “self-determination.”
  18. The American Holocaust: Columbus and the Conquest of the New World
  19. The 16th and 17th-century philosophy of India
  20. Understanding Mexican culture from a religious point of view
  21. Migration and cultural diversity
  22. The native American ancestry of African-Americans
  23. Muslim women and forced marriages
  24. A theoretical analysis of culture clashes in American anthropology
  25. Anthropology of religion
  26. Christendom’s worlds and Christianity’s future

Physical Anthropology Research Paper Topics

Physical anthropology is the study of human origins, evolution, and diversity. If you’re interested in researching and writing about physical anthropology, then here are some interesting topic suggestions that you can consider:

  1. Genotype-environment correlation study: an overview
  2. The evolution of human beings
  3. Genetic hitchhiking: the controversy and its implications
  4. The altruistic personality: the heritability of individual differences
  5. The cephalization process
  6. Amazonian Anthropology: Henry Walter Bates
  7. Homo sapiens and early human migration
  8. The evolution of human history and the first man
  9. The ancient Egyptian afterlife beliefs
  10. The issues and challenges of aging in Asia
  11. Influence of environmental factors on skin tone
  12. Examine five literary works that discuss the stages of drowning and dying.
  13. Evidence of somatic acceleration from recent investigations
  14. The relationship between psychological and physiological constitutions
  15. A review and comparison of dissolution profiles
  16. The advantages and disadvantages of eugenics in the 21st century
  17. Aging across cultures: a comparative analysis
  18. Genetic engineering and medical anthropology: ethics and challenges

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Linguistic Anthropology Research Paper Topics

Linguistic anthropology is the branch of anthropology that studies the connection or relationship between languages and cultures. It study how people negotiate, think, compete, and reproduce cultural forms and relations through the medium of languages. If you’re interested in learning more about linguistic anthropology, here are a few suggestions for you:

  1. The anatomy and physiology of speech
  2. Language, Race, and Popular Culture
  3. The relationship between language and culture
  4. Understanding intercultural communication: a current perspective
  5. Linguistics and the politics of representation
  6. Representational barriers and issues in linguistic anthropology
  7. Language and gender: a comprehensive research work
  8. American-African women’s language: talking that talk
  9. Journeys into the past: understanding different language cultures
  10. Language endangerment and language revitalization: an active approach

Forensic Research Topics in Anthropology

Generally speaking, forensic anthropology studies the examination of human remains for law enforcement agencies to solve atrocious crimes. Have a look at some of these great forensic anthropology research topics:

  1. Analyzing the latest perspectives on forensic anthropology
  2. Criminal profiling and computer forensic processes: assumptions, challenges, and probable solutions
  3. Fundamentals of forensic anthropology: current methods and practices
  4. Forensic anthropology and medicine
  5. Forensic anthropology and forensic pathology
  6. A handbook on crime scene investigation
  7. Comparison of soils in forensic anthropology: a detailed study
  8. Reactive oxidants and human diseases
  9. An investigation of the fundamental factors that cause biological alterations in the human body
  10. A study on the recent advancements in forensic science
  11. Criminal profiling: a powerful tool against criminal offences
  12. Current tools and future concepts of forensic anthropology
  13. Common techniques in the study of forensic anthropology
  14. Progress and prospects of DNA testing procedures
  15. Narratives of forensic psychology and criminal personality profiling
  16. Moral issues in forensic anthropology
  17. The workings of forensic anthropology: ethics and professionalism
  18. accuracy of carbon dating technology
  19. Asphyxiation: an autopsy study
  20. Analyzing the methods of determining the time of death

Medical Anthropology Topics for Research

Interested in medical anthropology? If so, look at the below-provided research topics on anthropology.

  1. Exploring medical anthropology
  2. Ethno zoology: applications and principles
  3. A reflection on medical anthropology
  4. Medical anthropology and epidemiology
  5. Medical ethno botany: applied principles and applications
  6. An overview of the spread of the Ebola virus in 2014
  7. Maladaptation: The effects of adaptation to ecological conditions and improper adaptation on health
  8. Mapping the concepts of vulnerability, risk, and responsibility for healthcare and illness
  9. Critical and clinical engagement in anthropology
  10. Ethno medicine modalities in a healing process

The Bottom Line

Each option in the article can help you develop an outstanding research paper in anthropology. Anthropology is indeed a complex subject. Thus, you can also consider some good ethnography topics for your research. You need to conduct extensive research on the different sections of societies and how they have evolved over the past few years. These research paper topics are meant to inspire you and help you score high marks in your academic research programs. You can use these topics as they are or modify them accordingly.

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