Journalism Research Topics: 120+ Ideas to Consider

Journalism Research Topics

Journalism is quite a broad industry that entails enumerating helpful information and showing it on different media channels, including television, social media, radio, and beyond.

For framing an outstanding research paper, your topic must enable your audience to focus on the key issues and make them keen to know more about your topic. However, finding the perfect topic isn’t easy.

Students often select their topic in haste and later realize that there needs to be more information or evidence to prove their hypothesis. Others get bored with their research after choosing a tedious journalism topic.

Journalism is an excellent subject that can open up many exciting ideas for students. However, this blog is genuinely written for you if you’re facing difficulty. Here are some unique journalism research topics you can use as inspiration.

How to Choose Your Journalism Research Topic:

Finding a unique journalism topic is complex and requires extensive research and clever work. Generally, the internet is stuffed with thousands of journalism topics to write about, but the real struggle lies in identifying your “perfect” topic within that.

We have compiled a few suggestions that might help you create brilliant topics:

  • Students must refrain from any extravagantly broad topic, as it can be time-consuming and lead to confusion among students.
  • Choose a subject or topic that sparks your interest and curiosity level.
  • Students need to narrow their research into essential research questions.
  • Avoid providing a research paper based on goofy journalism topics to avoid misinterpretation or negative impact on your audience. Instead, ensure that your chosen topic will be informative for your readers.
  • Choose a novel topic that emphasizes distinct issues so readers can understand the fundamental research.

Thus, if you are about to research your journalism topic, ensure it stands in line with your university guidelines. Furthermore, ensure that your topic adheres to all the above-mentioned suggestions.

120+ Journalism Research Topics

As intended professional journalists, brilliant journalism ideas will always be welcomed and appreciated by your professors.

As mentioned, journalism is compiling, collecting, and assessing unique data and information on major on-going events. Along with writing on special journalism topics, one should also be open to writing about innovative discoveries about a pre-existing event.

We have thoroughly compiled a list of some contemplated journalism research topics that you can use as inspiration to get started with the writing business right away:

Journalism Research Topics for High School Students

  1. Celebrities’ rights to privacy: How far should the paparazzi be allowed to infringe?
  2. Examining the impact of racism in the media, both positive and negative
  3. How do electronic media outlets influence journalism in the present era?
  4. The influence of famous personalities on the independence of the media and journalists.
  5. Challenges and opportunities for journalism in the 21st century
  6. Impact of the media on diplomacy
  7. Explain why it is inappropriate for famous people and idols to be subjected to media trials.
  8. Why is radio still a crucial medium of communication in the twenty-first century?
  9. Televisions must stop broadcasting sexual content.
  10. Investigating journalism as a dangerous profession
  11. Comment on the sexualization of women in media advertisements
  12. Describe the effects of media misdirection and misinformation.
  13. Describe ways to regulate mass media to guarantee that students are only minimally exposed to inappropriate content.
  14. Why is the United States of America considered a global superpower?
  15. The role of media outlets during the pandemic
  16. Imperativeness of journalism for disadvantaged social groups
  17. Is print media no longer necessary in the age of social media?
  18. How has technology altered media

Brilliant Mass Communication and Journalism Research Topics

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  1. The credibility of online journalism
  2. The role of journalism in war zones
  3. Current Changes in Journalism in the United States
  4. Theoretical and methodological trends in journalism
  5. The history of journalism
  6. Journalism and the construction of police brutality
  7. Media’s role in curbing corruption
  8. Political women in media culture
  9. A critical review of the methodological trends and controversies surrounding the use of opinion polls
  10. Media’s role in exposing corrupted politicians
  11. Government-sanctioned journalism in China
  12. News workers, technology, and journalism history
  13. Trends in fake news in the modern media space
  14. Media censorship in China
  15. The future of blogging and journalism in the United States
  16. Critical analysis of how the British journalists try to win over the royals
  17. Bridging media psychology and cognitive neuroscience

Sports Journalism Research Topics

  1. Empirical research on racial discrimination in sports
  2. The journey of a sportsperson: researching the importance of storytelling for sports persons
  3. A qualitative investigation into the lives of sportswomen
  4. Impact of sports journalism on the construction of “body image” in the mind of a younger generation
  5. Homophobia in modern sports and the role of media channels in increasing such negativism
  6. Ethics in sports journalism
  7. Protecting brand through media and journalism channels
  8. Trans journalist association for sports: opportunities and challenges
  9. TVG Network in sports reporting
  10. What happened to Adriano: investigating the Dark Story Behind the Retirement of “Next Door” Ronaldo
  11. Evaluating media’s role in helping GenZ athletes to seek their “authentic voice.”
  12. The challenges of sports media during Covid19 outbreak
  13. The part of sports journalism in entertaining the masses
  14. Richie Benaud, the voice of cricket and an influential broadcaster
  15. James Hird’s suspected drug overdose: invasive reporting violates the right to privacy
  16. Sports journalism as strategic sports marketing
  17. The dangers of sports journalism
  18. FIFA world cup 2022: restrictions on journalists for covering the event
  19. The harsh truth of replacing sports journalism with “mindless gossip columnists.”

Investigative Journalism and Media Topics for Research

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  1. Examining the impact of television advertising on the moral behaviors of young minds
  2. Representation of Muslim women and Islam by journalists
  3. The evolution of the media in the United States
  4. Sports journalism: Why is it challenging for sports journalists to succeed in sports broadcasting?
  5. Compare and contrast FOX and BBC news reports.
  6. Countering the false image of Arab women in the Arab media
  7. The influence of print media on the advancement of pop culture
  8. Transculturation in media translation
  9. Why do celebrity rumors frequently dominate media outlets as opposed to important news?
  10. The life and works of Eric Eyre
  11. Justify the lack of explicit depictions of atrocity in the media.
  12. Describe why the Government primarily uses the media as a propaganda tool.
  13. Examine whether politicians rely on the media to maintain their power.
  14. A critical analysis of freedom and the press.
  15. Money has corrupted the media: an overview.
  16. The life and works of Dean Banquet
  17. The correlation of media and Government
  18. Media bias in investigative journalism

Electronic Media Topics for Research

  1. Media Education in the Age of Disruptive Media
  2. Evaluating the future of broadcasting from a global perspective
  3. The internet explosion
  4. Is print media dead?
  5. Broadcasting in the era of electronic media
  6. Communication through electronic media platforms
  7. Analyzing the role of electronic media channels in shaping modern-day journalism
  8. The impact of electronic media on social behavior

Journalism Topics Straight From the Experts

  1. Describe the effects of biased journalism and why it could harm society.
  2. An in-depth look at international journalism
  3. Compare and contrast the Obama and Trump administrations’ treatment of the media.
  4. Research the “Black Lives Matter” movement and examine how the media contributed to its growth.
  5. The connection between politics and the media: Are there any media organizations that are politically apolitical?
  6. Does media coverage of conflict have any beneficial or adverse effects?
  7. Understanding journalism as a dangerous profession
  8. The influence of journalism and its impact on army operations
  9. Mass media censorship in North Korea
  10. Crisis of Credibility in Journalism and the Media in an Era of Radical Nationalism
  11. The business of journalism: fake news, but real money!
  12. How media channels are spreading hatred and violence
  13. Investigative reporting on the Brazilian drug trade

Literary Journalism Topics to Write About

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  1. Literary journalism in the twentieth century
  2. Employing metaphors in headlines.
  3. Justify the need for social media platforms to outlaw fake news.
  4. Are American enemies treated correctly by the media?
  5. How has journalism been affected by scientific and technological advances?
  6. American literary journalism
  7. Literary journalism and the drama of civic life
  8. Understanding the rise of literary journalism in the eighteenth century
  9. Researching Tesla’s unique business model
  10. The evolving ethics of journalism in the 21st century
  11. Consider the necessity for real-life tales in the media of today.
  12. A theoretical analysis of the theory of the social responsibility of journalism
  13. Communication theory in journalism: are journalists the new peacekeeping force?

Political Journalism and Mass Media Topics for Research

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  1. Propaganda in the mass media
  2. Understanding the psychology of media and politics
  3. Evaluating the credibility of public media organizations
  4. New complexities and practices in political journalism
  5. Popular political media tactics of political parties in the United States
  6. Can the media influence election outcomes?
  7. Investigations into the lives of prominent American politicians
  8. Political scandals cause media introspection.
  9. Evaluating the impact of politics on mass media
  10. The politics of public journalism

Unique Journalism Research Topics

  1. Look into the Government’s media regulation policies.
  2. Examining the media’s role in eradicating poverty
  3. Describe how readers may verify the accuracy and reliability of news reports.
  4. Part of the Media in the Russia-Ukraine Crisis
  5. How did the Vietnam War’s coverage in the media change over time?
  6. The authoritarian theory of the press
  7. Describe the fundamental problems that journalism faces.
  8. Examines the question of whether media outlets are to blame for the dissemination of dubious news.
  9. Comprehending the media’s role in eradicating illiteracy rates in developing and under-developed nations
  10. Contributions and the roles of journalists in COVID-19 pandemic management
  11. Transculturation’s significance in media translation
  12. Investigation into famous American politicians

Winding Up!!

Know that each research topic mentioned above has been carefully selected to help you with your research.

We understand coming up with the best topic will be something other than a walk in the park. It would be a challenging journey, mainly because no amount of diligent work can fully guarantee your expected results.

The above topics will allow you to efficiently conduct extensive research, interviews, and other practical methods of collecting relevant data for your research. Last but not least, remember this is your one shot, so give it your best effort. Good luck with your future endeavors!

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