150+ Unique Marketing Research Topics for Your Upcoming Projects

Marketing Research Topics

Marketing has developed into a massive industry with various specialized sectors. It is a broad field of study that includes different sectors of marketing. In the current era, marketing encompasses digital marketing, and, along with digital and traditional marketing, it is associated with various other marketing branches. Understandably, you feel speculative in this challenging position. After all, finding relevant marketing research topics is not that easy for most students.

When you write a research paper on marketing, you have to prove that you can systematically articulate your thoughts, find appropriate sources of information, and analyze data accordingly. But do not forget that this is only possible if you have a relevant research topic in marketing. In such a situation, we have got you covered!

This article will find some non-trivial and equally unique marketing research topics. We included topics on every possible marketing niche because we wanted topics from every niche.

Selecting Marketing Research Topics

Before you begin sifting through the offered marketing topics, we suggest you first become acquainted with the selection procedure. The upcoming research paper will discuss your hard work, efforts, and skills. So, the research topic should also be about something that interests you. Take your time. Start researching certain research areas. So, for starters, brainstorm different marketing fields for which you wouldn’t mind delving deeper into the details.

Navigate Different Branches of Marketing

Nowadays, with marketing getting widespread, there are many marketing fields to accommodate your research. Analyze different marketing branches and then think about what fascinates you the most. Next, narrow those lists and start researching more about those topics. Just because marketing is complex doesn’t mean you must be stuck swimming in executive suite jargon to try to make sense of it. We are sure that in the end, you will come up with something extravagantly interesting and unique simultaneously.

Look For Your Marketing Interests

Reading and writing come with a few terms and conditions, and the most important is that the topic must be fascinatingSo, the initial step would be to sit and jot down topics in marketing that you’re interested in. When you are interested in something, you automatically become passionate about that field of study. It will constantly motivate you to dig deeper and find relevant sources to support your research theories.

Investigate Factual Topics

Remember, a research paper is not a comprehensive narrative that can be dragged out indefinitely. A lot of research and hard work are required to draught a successful research paper. It is more than just assignment writing, which we used to do in high school. So, ensure that your research topic concludes with practical data and information. Conduct thorough research to make sure you can go a long way to providing comprehensive research about your topic. Enumerate a list of credible sources to support your hypothesis and arguments.

For Conceptualized Ideas, Google Marketing Research Topics

When you start browsing for “marketing topics for research,” you will get a whole list of Scholarly Ideas Based On Such Topics. Scrolling Through Those Lists Would Be The Best Approach For you. There are hundreds of possible themes for your paper, and you’ll undoubtedly find at least a handful that intrigues you.

Narrow Down Your Topic’s Approach

When you have compiled a few marketing topics, your next step will be narrowing them down. See if the following research topics consist of enough credible sources or not. For successful research, it is essential to choose a topic that will create an impact in your prescribed field. So select a research field that has never been invested in before or at least something in which you can show a whole new perspective.

 Select the Topic

Topics that have been well examined will give you many references for blackening your arguments. To make your contribution to the discipline, look for research elements that have yet to be thoroughly investigated.

150+ Research Topics in Marketing

We understand finding marketing topics for research can be a tough job to handle. After all, marketing is such a vast field that sometimes deciding what topic you want to work on can be challenging. In such cases, we have enumerated a list of marketing topics to help you frame an excellent research paper.

We have classified these topics into different sections, which can help you choose according to your field of interest. Explore these lists of hot marketing research topics to ensure you select a topic that piques your interest.

Marketing Research Topics Related to Consumer Behavior

Marketing goods and services for personal consumption refers to consumer marketing. Or at least this is the first thing that pops up in our minds. Similarly, consumer behavior refers to studying consumers’ behavioral changes or individuals associated with a purchase.

The following topics are intended to be diverse, fascinating, and captivating for your marketing research. Have a look at them and select whatever suits you the best.

  1. An integrative framework for cross-sectional consumer behavioral
  2. Self-concept in consumer behavior
  3. The significance and measurement of attachment in consumer behavior
  4. Luxury goods and sustainability issues
  5. Impact of brand equity and consumer behavior
  6. The cultural influence of luxury consumption behavior among Italian consumers
  7. The evolving behaviors of luxury consumption
  8. Coca-Cola customer purchasing behavior: analysis and prediction
  9. Consumer responsiveness towards environmental claims for clothing brands
  10. A conceptual framework prestige- seeking consumer behavior
  11. Symbolism and marketing performance: a theoretical approach
  12. Assessment and evaluation of successful and failed instances of luxury marketing techniques
  13. A symbolic interactions perspective on the function of products as social stimulants
  14. Convergence and divergence in consumer behavior
  15. Understanding the consequences of global retailing
  16. Dimensions of consumer expertise: mapping a consumption constellation
  17. The influence of sustainability declarations on customer ecological perception and performance expectancy: A detailed work on H&m
  18. A symbolic interactionism perspective on the empirical models of consumer behaviors
  19. Sensory marketing strategies and power in advertising
  20. The impact of word of mouth and electronic word of mouth on consumer purchase intension

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Influential Marketing Topics Regarding the Digital Market

In this digital age, digital marketing is undoubtedly becoming the most crucial aspect of the marketing world. If you are interested in digital marketing, the following juicy digital marketing research topics might guide you in the right direction.

  1. Understanding the critical aspects of opportunities and challenges of digital marketing
  2. Opportunities and challenges of marketing research in the 21st century
  3. Assess digital marketing trends over the last 20 years and the future research directions.
  4. A critical review of the effectiveness of internet marketing initiatives
  5. A theoretical analysis of digital marketing techniques adopted by startups
  6. Accessing the metrics of digital marketing strategies, transformation, trends, and realities
  7. Study on digital marketing technique
  8. What inspires college students to use Pinterest? A model with consequences for academics and marketers
  9. Mapping the international qualitative marketing research
  10. Investigating the transition from word-of-mouth marketing to electronic word-of-mouth and its consequences on customer behavior.
  11. The significance of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) in marketing strategy
  12. Conceptualizing influencer marketing as a modern phenomenon in reputation management
  13. Analyzing the impact of search engine optimization on web accessibility
  14. Addressing marketers’ over-reliance on digital content to boost revenues
  15. Digital marketing strategy implementation: examining the digital marketing infrastructure
  16. Ethical issues concerned with fundamentals of marketing research: a detailed study
  17. Content marketing: the fundamental tool for design, advertising, and marketing: a systematic literature review
  18. The influence of content writing in marketing communication: anatomy of digital marketing infrastructure

Distribution Marketing Topics for Research

Every firm, either new or established, requires a well-defined distribution channel for distributing its products or goods to customers. Have a look at these top-notch topics for your marketing assignment writing:

  1. The distribution mechanism in SMEs and large-scale corporations
  2. The impact of strategic and tactical causes marketing on brand loyalty among customers
  3. Best strategies for incorporating new items into the lifestyles of the targeted clients
  4. A comparative analysis of the distribution systems of SMEs and multinational corporations
  5. Marketing 4.0: How technological advancements are transforming marketing organizations
  6. Distributional channels: understanding and managing the structure of distribution channels
  7. Brand manipulation techniques employed by marketers: learning organizational strategies
  8. Understanding the sustainability of distributional marketing: an overview
  9. Marketing mix modeling of Facebook
  10. The distributional and promotional approach of winemakers
  11. Identifying distributional changes in the Interactive Digital Media Ecosystem
  12. Analyzing the best distribution techniques for new offshore marketing organizations.
  13. Market segmentation: issues and perspectives
  14. Rediscovering industrial market segmentation
  15. The challenges of marketing logistics: Product distribution, Price, and Promotion
  16. Contemporary commercial marketing strategies and concepts.

Social Media Marketing Research Topic Suggestions

In this digital era, more than one-fourth of the population is connected to some social media platform. Here are some suggestions for marketing research questions or topics regarding social marketing.

  1. Social media marketing communication: efficiency and usage
  2. Incorporating social responsibility and marketing strategy: a critical overview
  3. The Most Notable Successes in the history of Social Media Marketing
  4. Starbucks marketing analysis: a process that guarantees growth
  5. Measuring the visual turn in social media campaigns
  6. Social media influence on purchasing decisions: a case study on e-commerce sites
  7. The effect of social media marketing on brand loyalty
  8. The impact of Instagram content marketing on advancements in reach and engagements

Sports Marketing Research Topics

Sports marketing is a substantial source of revenue, which is why research in this field is essential for different researchers. Here are some sport marketing ideas for you to examine.

  1. Sports marketing: The strategic perspective behind marketing communication
  2. Mapping the role of sports marketing in attracting individuals
  3. How intelligent chatbots’ outstanding content might help sports teams boost fan loyalty
  4. Opportunities in sports marketing that are emerging and how to leverage on them
  5. The psychology of sports marketing: a critical analysis
  6. A handbook on sports marketing and social media
  7. Examining the motives and restrictions of Twitter users in the context of social media and sports marketing.
  8. Using social media to investigate the determinants of consumer reaction to sport marketing
  9. Sports marketing and social media: a review on the motivation and constraints of Twitter users

Topic Ideas for Content Marketing

With the constant evolution in digital marketing, there has also been a significant boost in content marketing. In recent years, many students have used content marketing as their MBA dissertation topics. Let’s have a look at some excellent content marketing topics:

  1. Essential content marketing strategies for SMEs
  2. Understanding a theoretical approach to content marketing for engaging more organic traffic
  3. Content marketing in SMEs: significance of entrepreneurial sensemaking
  4. Content marketing as a fundamental tool of digital marketing: an overview of digital strategies for marketing
  5. New opportunities for engaging strong brands on online platforms
  6. Canvas’s design school content marketing strategies: exploring strategies
  7. Identifying the dynamics of the same content across borders
  8. Content marketing strategies for breaking through the clutter and winning more organic traffic
  9. The rise of storytelling as an essential element of content marketing strategy

Marketing Topics for Research on Print Media

Print media is the most traditional and fundamental alternative for public communication. You can use print media research topics as your marketing project topics or dissertation topics. Let’s have a look at the following print marketing research topics that can be valuable for you:

  1. Policies and attitudes in print media: mapping a consumption constellation
  2. Effectiveness of print media industry in this evolving age: an analysis into the implications
  3. Analyzing print media advertising in the era of social media
  4. Is the global print media sector expected to expand or decline in 2021? An examination of the ramifications
  5. The influence of print media on millennials and GenY: a comprehensive overview
  6. Print media and digital media: a comparative analysis
  7. Print-media advertising and selling smartness in a knowledge economy: understanding the economics of print media
  8. Understanding the language of pictures in print media advertising: a historical preview

Relationship Marketing Project Topics

Relationship marketing is a Client Relationship Management (CRM) approach that focuses on customer retention, satisfaction, and lifetime value. Here is a list of some unique relationship marketing project topics for you:

  1. Importance of customer relationship management: a thorough examination
  2. Loyalty points as the unrivaled monarch of relationship marketing for retailers: a comprehensive synopsis
  3. Conversion of print media into digital media: taking the Indian market as an example
  4. Understanding the social media presence for effective relationship management
  5. A strategic framework for customer relationship management
  6. Relationship marketing management: a study on issues and challenges of the US market
  7. Adopting customer relationship management: from strategy to implementation
  8. Storytelling in content management: Using content marketing to create customer connections effectively
  9. Relationship marketing in the post-pandemic era: expectations and realities
  10. Understanding emotions in relationship marketing: looking backward towards the future
  11. Customer gratitude in relationship marketing: a survey of the existing relationship marketing
  12. The evolution of relationship marketing

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Non-Profit Marketing Research Topic Ideas

Non-profit marketing is continuously increasing day by day. In the last few years, various researchers have chosen non-profit marketing research areas as their research topics. Let’s have a look at some of the excellent research topics regarding NPOs:

  1. Why are non-profits easier to promote on social media: The significance of warmth and brand representation
  2. Non-profit marketing strategies: an exploratory study
  3. Marketing in the non-profit organizations
  4. Internet presence for NPOs in the current digital era
  5. Social event marketing via internet platforms welcomes a new age for non-profit organizations.
  6. Inspiring young people through dynamic and engaging call-to-actions – analyzing the contemporary non-profit strategies
  7. In-person and virtual events: A two-pronged strategy for engagement in a fast-paced environment
  8. The applications of marketing for non-profit organizations
  9. Rethinking the framework for marketing strategies for NPOs from a global perspective
  10. Methodology for assessing the relational dimension of a relationship marketing strategy: A research work of non-profit organizations

Strategic Marketing Questions and Topics for Research

If you are someone with a strategist’s attitude, then chances are that you’ll find these strategic marketing research topics intriguing.

  1. Considerable factors behind a poorly executed market research
  2. Strategic marketing management: an overview
  3. An exploratory investigation of black Friday deals
  4. Inconsistency in service value or communication of products: a social exchange perspective
  5. Strategic marketing insights for creating a competitive advantage
  6. Contemporary strategic marketing for non-profit organizations
  7. Understanding strategic marketing planning for radically new products: an international perspective
  8. The international marketing strategy of Starbucks: a case study
  9. The theory, practices, and research agendas of strategic marketing planning
  10. Determinants and benefits of global product marketing
  11. Relationship between marketing research and marketing strategy: understanding the ins and out of strategic marketing
  12. Black Friday and Cyber Monday: Understanding digital strategies of organizations

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Marketing Research Topics Regarding Advertising

Still not able to select your marketing topics? Hang up! We’re sure this list of exciting marketing research topics will help you.

  1. The negative and positive impacts of advertising on the youth: a research overview
  2. Understanding the relationship between advertising and the application of humor
  3. The effect of advertising on the recession period
  4. Understanding the influence of advertising on consumer behavior
  5. Impact of brand advertising on political campaigns
  6. An ethical examination of advertising deception
  7. Addressing false and misleading advertising: an empirical investigation
  8. A comparative analysis of the dove campaign promoting natural beauty with other misleading advertisements
  9. Unethical practices of advertising: a case study of some selective products
  10. Understanding the advertising law of The united states

International Marketing Research Paper Topics

Marketing is the global stage where most entrepreneurs get to connect. If you are considering choosing international marketing as your research area, then the following international marketing research topics are a win-win for you!

  1. International market entry: a case study on Tim Horton’s
  2. Social media as a game changer for global marketing: an overview
  3. Global market entry strategies: understanding the internalization approach
  4. Marketing athlete’s events across international borders: a comprehensive approach
  5. Environmental determinants of international market entry strategies
  6. Understanding the international market segmentation: issues and perspectives
  7. Financial market development: International evidence
  8. Liberalization of capital controls and expansion of the stock market
  9. Entrepreneurial businesses’ effectuation and global markets expansion
  10. The social networks of international entrepreneur firms

Pandemic-Related Marketing Research Paper Topics

The COVID-19 pandemic upended the rule book of several entrepreneurs. It questioned the established norms of the current human relationship and brand development. So much has recently changed that there’s no turning back to the old routine. Here are some new pandemic-related marketing topics for research:

  1. The influence of covid-19 on marketing and its philosophy
  2. How online marketing assisted companies during the epidemic
  3. Pandemic marketing story: Mapping a retailing constellation
  4. Long-term vs. short terms marketing approach by businesses: a comprehensive overview
  5. Internet marketing during the pandemic: new trends and policies
  6. The globalization of the international economy in the post-pandemic decade
  7. Post-pandemic recovery strategies for organizations: stimulating lifestyle entrepreneurship
  8. A systematic review of the marketing strategies during and after the pandemic
  9. The influence of covid-19 on changing the marketing world

Summing Up!!

Hopefully, these topics in marketing will inspire you to create some exciting research areas. Our sole purpose behind aggregating these marketing topics was to provide students with a clear perspective on marketing research that is relevant in this existing world. In other words, we intended to publish the most recent marketing research issues that would benefit readers and researchers.

If you’re still unsure about your research field, we recommend you consult your adviser or a paper help service provider. Your professor and an online expert can help you make the best decision. So, don’t hesitate to use their expertise and guidance.

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