Political Science Research Topics: 200+ Captivating Ideas

Political Science Research Topics

Students with politics major already understand the profound evaluation in the field of politics and potential power from the domestic, global and comparative outlook. Their supervisors ask them to write a dissertation paper that shows their understanding of the exposition of existential political ideas, behavior, schemes, and procedures and how the nation scrutinizes the law, foreign affairs, communities, and much more.

Political science exhibits theories and conventions of the nation. As a student drafting a political science research paper might be time-consuming, complex, and strenuous for you. Finding interesting political topics to write about can deter you. Your supervisor expects you to draft a concrete research paper, but how can you gather the strength to draft your paper when it seems like your biggest nightmare?

Don’t worry; we have selected 200+ advanced political science research paper topics to help you.

But before we dive into that section, how about understanding a few couples of things?

Significance of Political Science Research Paper

Drafting an academic research paper is enormously challenging. It comes with many hurdles, but unlike other topics, political studies come with massive dynamics, and its tendency can shift to a great extent. The ideology of your approach and your entire paper makes a huge difference in your content. Political science research paper aims to understand polity-related matters to your readers better.

The excellent approach to drafting your political science research paper is to seek inspiration from your current environment. Don’t be afraid to dig deeper into controversial events. Don’t feel shy to provide a new perspective on the previous matters. Fortunately, when it comes to politics, the inspirations are already scattered around us. That’s why a political science research paper is significant in your academic year. A political science research paper is exceptional when it’s original and innovative. It includes much more than just synthesizing and drafting already published content. Researchers aim to prove to their supervisors that their research is worth publishing. A research work helps you to showcase why your research work is crucial and highlights important practical methods to solve those critical issues.

Limitations of a Political Science Research Paper

Since a research paper has enormous significance in your academics, you must provide accurate context with enough descriptions of your field of study. It helps you to evaluate the relevance and influence of your political study. A political science research paper is not an easy task. The limitations in your research paper are the general flaws and shortcomings of your content. A research paper requires descriptive and comprehensive content; you do not want to present it with limitations and drawbacks. Your study might have multiple drawbacks and limitations. Keep reading to identify those limitations.

Implementation of Research Data and Statistical Collections:

Since you are a beginner in collecting primary data and information, there are huge chances that your implementation of the source collection procedure might be flawed. It is a potential methodological issue that can significantly impact your political research paper.

Conflicts Arising from a Biased Point of View:

Some researchers might hold biased perspectives because of their opinions of specific phenomena or cultural backgrounds. It has the potential to affect your political paper’s authorityBesides, researchers with biased views of their data and results may support their theory and arguments. Pay considerable attention to the problem statement and effective data gathering.

Limited Access to Data:

Your political research may require the opinion of people and organizations; access to these respondents is extremely difficult for students. It might result in modification of your paper.

Time Constraints:

Needless to say, all research work comes with a deadlineResearchers might have to submit a draft of their study or face trouble meeting the deadlines of their political science research paper. Time constraints can hugely affect the quality of your study.

Scope of Information:

Most likely, students do not have much understanding in conducting this complex research and writing a political research paper of such vast individuality. The depth and scope of a political paper are compromised at variable levels compared to experienced researchers with immense expertise.

Essential Factors for Choosing Political Science Research Paper Topic

When it comes to politics, some fields require comparison. Political science carries an empirical approach for variable political aspects. Before selecting your political science research topic, you must understand what fascinates you the most.

For starters, look over your local politics and analyze what you can dig out from there. Since the existing political dynamics are taking constant turns, you can use a fine piece of news to draft a magnificent research paper. It will make things much easier for you. However, if you still feel confused, we have listed a few steps that will guide you in selecting the best topic for your political science research paper:

Select the Topic Per Your Interests:

while narrowing down your topics, you must have already anticipated what political aspect fascinates you the most. Perhaps there is a topic that you find the most interesting. Identify those topics and start researching them. You can start narrowing down those political topics and begin studying them. While exploring those, remember not to dive into every detail regarding them. A little preliminary research would do the job.

Identify the Topics that Awaken Your Curiosity:

Writing a political science research paper does not imply you have to write something about an already published case. Instead, you are expected to write a magnificent work that makes everyone curious at every step of their reading. For that, you need to think about the political topics that always made you curious, but you didn’t have the time to explore more. It is your opportunity; use it to make an exceptional political science research paper.

Choose a Challenging Political Topic:

Selecting a challenging political topic will catch your supervisor’s and professors’ attention. They would want to read more about it. Although selecting a politically demanding topic can deter students as it involves a lot of research work. It increases your workload, But isn’t it worth it? A challenging political science topic would enhance your arguments and theories about it. An excellent research paper assures high grades in your academic year.

200 Political Science Research Topics

Our political world is exceptionally expansive. Thus, if you have chosen politics as your field, you know you have proclaimed an abundance of creative ideas for yourself. After getting a rough image of how you can draft your research, it’s time to pick up the scattered pieces and frame the big picture.

Some Amazing Political Science Topics

Suppose you want to understand how something as hideous and significant as political science can be fascinating. In that case, you first need to understand how reachable and astonishing even the most straightforward topics can be.

Nevertheless, if you lack ideas, here are a few great political science topics for your research paper:

  1. Can we classify nationalism as the right school of leaders in history?
  2. Post-war conflicts and art legacies
  3. American foreign policies and their effects on the European policies in the 20th century?
  4. Why is it vital for the news reporters not to be politically biased?
  5. Fascism and its faces pre and post world war 2
  6. Iran oil conflict and how did it devastate the oil market?
  7. The political and the distribution structure of the Arctica island
  8. Playing with principals in this political era
  9. Choosing whom to betray? A compromise between left and right-wing parties.
  10. Personal ambitions of our political leaders
  11. Karl Marx: his life and influence on the politics of the 20th century
  12. Voting made easy: what is the impact of technology on the voting process
  13. Modern political culture and its dependency upon technology

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Comparative Politics Research Topic Ideas

It involves institutional analysis, domestic policy management, foreign issues, and much more. All these factors can be examined by comparative evaluation. Comparative politics research topics would help you make an authentic impression in front of your professors.

For a general idea, you can take a look at these given topics and choose the best one that you like the most:

  1. The nature and significance of comparative politics.
  2. A comparative analysis of the domestic policies of the UK and the USA
  3. A detailed comparison of Abraham Lincoln’s lyceum address with modern political speeches
  4. How would segregation have worked without Supreme Court?
  5. Detailed comparison and contrast between foreign policies of the UK and Russia
  6. Examine the communist structure of the USSR and China
  7. Comparison and contrast of the Soviet Union’s ideology
  8. Detailed analysis and the significance of the cultural gap between China and Japan
  9. Examination of the cultural revolution in the USSR
  10. Examine the behavioral approach between the US and the UK
  11. Comparative analyses of liberalism and republicanism
  12. Examination of the American commercials films and hidden political messages in them
  13. The triangular relationship between China, America, and India
  14. Comparative review of the female education in Afghanistan
  15. The economic battle between China and America
  16. The complicated relationship between business and politics
  17. Critical analyses of the American and European federal crimes
  18. Critically analyze religion as a social power
  19. Culture as a formidable social strength
  20. Online crime shows and their impact on constructing crime
  21. Comparative analysis of any of the two parties of your nation
  22. Comparative analysis of politics
  23. Authoritarianism and Totalitarianism: Strategies for democratization
  24. Comparison between the American and the African political heritage
  25. Comparative analyses of egalitarianism with utilitarianism
  26. The reasons behind conflict and resolutions in the US
  27. The modernization theory and the sociological study of developments
  28. A decade of feminism: Relationship between women and the modernization theory
  29. Research, theory, and realities of modernization
  30. The methods and theories of comparative politics
  31. Rationality, religion, and structure in comparative politics
  32. New identical tools and methods in comparative political economy
  33. The new comparatively political economy
  34. Comparative analyses of the political economy of the UK and the USA
  35. The theory and critique of the political economy
  36. Concept and theories of global political economy
  37. Theory of political economy of Karl Marx
  38. Principles of comparative politics

Research Topics on International Politics

From international poverty to global ethics, human rights to environmental issues, globalization to international security, these things happening in the international arena cannot go unnoticed. If you are still considering topics for your research proposal, international politics would significantly impact your research.

Here are some research-related topics that you might use in your political science research paper.

  1. Detailed analysis of the human rights in Uganda
  2. Syrian collapse: how did Syria end up between two political fronts?
  3. Regional and political effects of Shiite jihad
  4. Understanding global poverty causes
  5. Injustice and resistance to global poverty
  6. Mexico: the problem of forced and illegal migrants
  7. Excluding illegal migrants from the USSR
  8. Illegal migrants: why are the union citizens converting themselves into illegal migrants?
  9. Capturing illegal migrants in Mexico, Thailand, and Malaysia
  10. The causes and effects of the Syrian conflict
  11. Russian aggression against Ukraine and its impacts
  12. China: the new overlord of the 21st and 22nd century
  13. The economic war between Russia and Ukraine: why does Putin remain tight to his chair?
  14. Impacts of 2019 protests and how did it embrace the future of France
  15. The characteristics and impacts of the sanctions imposed on Russia as the consequence of the aggression against Ukraine
  16. European social model and the post-national Europe
  17. Measurement of Global security network analysis
  18. The battle of Syrian refugees and the race of legal status of the united states
  19. A descriptive analysis of the international monetary fund structure
  20. Perception and the misconception of the rational theory of the international politics
  21. Global poverty crises and the Amnesty international controversy
  22. Industry, war, and arctic circle battles
  23. Research on international designs in political science
  24. Political battles of ideas and discourses’ between nations
  25. The feminists around the international political grounds
  26. Comparison analysis of modern versus traditional international economy

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Political Science Philosophy Research Topics

Everyone knows that political science research topics can be extremely fragile and complex. There are numerous ideas dispersed throughout your research paper. This polity section deals with the most abstract levels of government, liberty, legal code mechanics, democracy, and arguments involved in political opinion.

This subject is concerned with arguments and discussions on how society needs to be set up and what new implications should be applied.

Here are some of the philosophical and political topics to write about:

  1. Nationalism versus philosophies
  2. Role of Greek-Roman philosophers in building modern politics
  3. Philosophies practiced by the Germans and Karl Schmidt
  4. Writings and political philosophies of Karl Marx
  5. Decision-making powers of the judicial
  6. Why did Rome fail: A critical analysis of the declined empire
  7. Comparative analyses of the modern and ancient political philosophy
  8. Jean Bodin and his mixed critics of sovereignty
  9. Globalization issues and political events that lead to Nazism
  10. Introduction to contemporary political philosophy
  11. Contemporary political philosophy: how it shaped and changed the modern political science
  12. The traditional disciplines of political philosophy
  13. Greek: the philosophical hotspot in ancient times
  14. History of the western political philosophy
  15. Anthropology of Western contemporary political philosophies
  16. Social and political philosophies of the Rousseau
  17. A contemporary analysis of the western political philosophies
  18. The USA followed the similar Trajectory as Ancient Rome
  19. Jean Bodin and his concept of sovereignty: what failed him to see about sovereignty
  20. Modern capitalism: culture and critical features that define modern capitalism

Few Controversial Political Science Research Questions

There are a few topics that trigger a specific section of our society. It triggers controversies and is prone to up-heave variable issues. These issues consist of conflicts and controversies.

Here are a few controversial political science research questions and topic examples:

  1. Amnesty International report: 2020-2021 The state of the world’s human rights
  2. An international perspective on violence against women
  3. The political response to terrorist attacks over the globe
  4. Corruption: the impacts and how can police unions minimize it?
  5. What is the nation doing to deal with the massive wave of immigrants?
  6. The ideal punishment for rapists and serial killers
  7. Measurement of the severity of the violence against women scale
  8. Prevention of domestic violence against women?
  9. The implications of controversies in politics
  10. Gender identity and expression: what is the nation doing to prevent transgender people?

American Politics Research Topic Ideas

American politics is something that will never bore you. If you find American politics attractive, you can also consider choosing a topic from this section.

For starters, you can have a look at these few American politics research topic ideas:

  1. African and American prisoner conflicts
  2. Australia and America: how do the economic policies differ?
  3. Political polarization in America during the Covid-19 pandemic
  4. The political and economic battle between America and China
  5. Challenges and opportunities associated with political polarization
  6. Public relations of America with other nations
  7. Role of the American Government in public relations with other nations
  8. American government and its role in shaping its democracy?
  9. Tools and the propaganda used by the American parties to win the elections?
  10. Democracy in America: principles used by Americans to establish democracy in the nation
  11. Comparative analysis of the current American parties to their 1960s predecessors
  12. The impact of the American civil war on the modern American government
  13. Foreign direct investment: Democracy and corruption in South America
  14. Political corruption and reform in South America
  15. American political culture: the vision of a developed society and redemption in modem America
  16. Detailed analyses of the modern political structure of America
  17. The congress and the court: the study of American political cultures
  18. 1952-1996: the era of political decline of the American political parties
  19. The consensus and Agendas of American politics.’
  20. A history of the American political cultures
  21. Political preferences and theories of the American Government
  22. Agendas and polarization of American political cultures
  23. The public relations actors in the American economic politics
  24. Mass media and political elections
  25. Transformation of American politics
  26. The political evolution of America from the 1960s
  27. False equivalences: online activism in theory and in practical
  28. Online Activism, mediated politics, and social movements in contemporary America
  29. The behavioral approach to the growth and development of contemporary America
  30. Renaissance of the current political culture of America
  31. Idea and concept of American political culture
  32. The American Democracy: effects of 2020 elections on the American democracy
  33. American Civil war: what were the political and economic crises that led to the civil war
  34. American politics during the Civil war
  35. The republican culture: how it was introduced and evolved in America
  36. The economic and political relationships between America and North Korea
  37. The significant place of Hispanic US politics currently
  38. Importance of news coverage of US elections
  39. Examine the analysis of the Donald Trump and Barak Obama administration
  40. Security leadership conflicts post-9/11
  41. Post 9/11, security collaboration and leadership conflicts
  42. Establishing development to converse terrorism: post 9/11 transformation of US aid to Africa
  43. The USA in preserving its national security
  44. The conflicts of the American – African prisoners
  45. American foreign policy and how it changed after the war?
  46. Public opinion and the United States foreign policy
  47. American heritage: the political history of the United States

Current Research Topics in Political Science

The field of political science focuses on the branch of empirical approach, using comparative methods. The current US politics is rocky, which makes it much more enthusiastic.

If you find the current events exciting and want to research more about them, we have selected the top 20 fantastic topics for you:

  1. Attempt an analysis of the traits of typical American politics
  2. Examine the analysis of the administration of Donald Trump and Joe Biden
  3. Examine the role of American nationalism in the face of Globalization
  4. Definition of social constructivism in the American context
  5. Submit the evaluation of fraud in US elections
  6. Life of African American politicians
  7. Analyze the significant levels of minorities in the US
  8. Law of the United States: the civil law traditions
  9. Life of Jimmy Carter and his impact on America
  10. Life of Saddam Hussein and the essential impacts on the American politics
  11. The Vietnam War: what made it turn into the American war?
  12. The US VS Russia: the political and economic similarities between Russia and America
  13. Significance of falling to vote for shaping political tenures
  14. Relationship between politics and the poverty in the Sub Sahara African politics
  15. Significance of meme culture in building political awareness
  16. Modern and Apartheid Segregation in modern America
  17. Significance of the internet in shaping modern political awareness
  18. The obligations and the rights of voters in Modern America
  19. The Electoral College: should the American government abolish it or give it more power?
  20. The Democrats and the Republicans: alike or the same?

Topics on Constitution and Constitutionalism

If you find these topics attractive, here are the top 9 topics regarding constitution and Constitutionalism:

  1. Existential western constitutionals law
  2. The constitutional vision of John Rohr
  3. Existentialism in modern constitutional law
  4. Constitutional laws: Why every state has different constitutional laws?
  5. Duel constitutionalism and the amending process in America
  6. The American Constitutionalism: the rights and liberties of an American citizen
  7. Non-liberal Constitutionalism in the US
  8. Revolutions in the American constitution
  9. Constitution and Constitutionalism in modern America

Topics on Democracy and Democratization

Democracy and democratization refer to the transition to a more democratic political environment. Researching more about this would help you to draft a magnificent research paper.

If you already have a few ideas on your mind, that’s excellent, although if you still cannot figure out the topic, here are some impressive topics on democracy and democratization for you:

  1. The incomplete democracy and democratization in America
  2. Difference between presidential and parliamentary democracy
  3. Explain liberal democracy justification
  4. The democratic government: legitimacies of an authorized democratic government
  5. A comparative analysis of the democracy laboratories of contemporary America
  6. Prospects of democracy and democratization for globalization
  7. The comparative politics and concepts of democracy and democratization
  8. Radical democracy in America
  9. The evolution of democracy to democratization
  10. liberal prospects and the limitations of democratization

Conclusion –

When there are individuals involved, situations tend to become more complicated. It is why political research topics are complex to analyze and study.

Most students who plump for politics as their significant subjects do not only desire to become politicians. Instead, they prefer to become professional experts in politics, making them the future of our economy.

Considering you attended all your lectures and exemplified your research papers- you are already doing your best, and you will be fine. Nevertheless, if you still feel difficult to move forward with your research proposal, you can also consider seeking research paper help service from Edumagnate. They can guide you to build a good cornerstone for establishing political wisdom.

We salute those students and wish them good luck with the challenging hurdles coming ahead in their political science studies.

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