100+ Position Paper Topics to Ace A+ Grade

Position Paper Topics

A position paper is an academic paper that incorporates controversial topics or arguable issues that are evaluated for their pros and cons. These papers are significant pieces of writing that help keep the discussion flowing.

In general, the purpose of a position paper is to persuade the audience reading it of a fact or truth that has never been acknowledged before. In this case, the truth is only partially actual right now. Showcasing such points is challenging for anyone; perhaps this is why students usually get tormented before writing a position paper. Choosing a controversial topic for a position paper that contradicts common values and social taboos or shares a contrasting mass opinion can assist you in developing strong and enticing arguments. We have compiled a list of compelling position paper ideas and topics that will guide you in framing a strong argument. To earn high grades, continue reading this article and select the most appropriate topic.

Before Topic Selection

A well-written paper is only possible if its topic is clear and exciting. Choosing the ideal topic for your paper is essential for framing the entire document. After all, it will be the topic around which your arguments will revolve. If you want to frame strong arguments, choosing a strong topic with a strong background is imperative.

To select a topic for your position paper, you should conduct preliminary research on current popular topics. Whenever you find an exciting topic, ask yourself the following questions:

  • From your viewpoint as a diplomat, is this topic genuinely significant or controversial?
  • Is this topic intriguing to you?
  • In response to that question, what recent events have taken place?
  • Can you frame arguments around it?
  • Does the topic have a manageable scope?
  • What crucial questions can you raise about such a topic?
  • What previous actions have various global bodies taken regarding this issue?
  • Are there any recent findings concerning the topic?

This process allows you to narrow down a few appropriate topics for your paper. Ensure thorough research into whatever topic you select. Make sure that the topic you choose has a solid case and that you can support it with strong arguments.

Like a typical research article, finding supporting evidence for both sides is essential. You can counter competing claims by including supporting evidence for the opposing side. Alternatively, you can identify the strengths of the evidence that strengthens your position compared to the deficiencies of the negative evidence.

Choosing a Position Paper Topic

After you have narrowed down a few position paper topics, the next part is preliminary research and sees if the following topics would be ideal for your paper. Read the following instructions to choose the best position paper topic for your project:

Choose a Familiar Topic:

When you have a foundational understanding of a subject, writing and researching about it won’t be hearing about it won’t be challenging. You already know the hooks and knocks of the topic, making it easier to move forward with your following research. It will undoubtedly be an intelligent approach to your paper. You won’t be intimidated by research since you’ll know where to begin.

Research Topics You are Enthusiastic About and Write About:

This is more of a suggestion than a regulation. If you want your readers to enjoy your writing, you must enjoy it first. Thus, choosing a tedious topic will not only make you lose interest but also make your readers lose interest. It will be simpler for you to produce quality and informative content that your readers will appreciate if you are driven by your essay topic more.

Make Sure There is Enough Support for Your Thesis

Students frequently need help selecting a compelling topic resistant to future refutations. Therefore, consider your decision and consider the evidence you have at your disposal.

Select an Argument That Will Stir the Emotions of Your Audience

When we communicate our viewpoints with someone, we want them to understand the thoughts and feelings behind those words. It’s the same with writing as well. Your sole goal when writing your paper should be to interact with or engage your audience through your writing. Your writing will undoubtedly have some rational arguments; choosing a subject that lacks emotional resonance isn’t the wisest course of action.

Before moving forward with the writing part, you must ensure that your position essay topic matches the given checklists. Consider why this topic or issue still needs to be resolved. Do some research and determine what actions the authorities have taken to address those issues. Lastly, ask yourself what should be done by the authorities to resolve it. In any case, instead of putting too much time and effort into drafting your paper, you can also choose paper help services. After all, when your grades are at stake, you shouldn’t take any risks.

Top 100 Position Paper Topics

Based on the above suggestions and guidelines, we hope you will have selected your position argument topic by this time. For students who still need to identify their ideal topic, we’re still here for you. In general, position paper topics come in a broad spectrum of ranges, so to help you, our experts have enumerated those topics according to their branches. You can look through these lists and select the best that meets your needs.

Position Essay Topics for High School Students

Instead of jumping straight to the challenging topics, let’s start this journey with some easy position essay topics. You can either select one of these topics or look for some unexpected, unorthodox viewpoint regarding the topic, or you can jump straight to the other topics as well.

  1. Virtual schooling or in-person education: which is better?
  2. Learning more foreign languages
  3. Sleep deprivation is the cause of the “Moody Teen” phenomenon, and starting school later can fix it.
  4. Is a national high school test necessary?
  5. The intelligent tutoring system: is it worth it?
  6. School uniforms are associated with equality.
  7. Unethical or ethical comedy
  8. Vernacular pupils shouldn’t be forced to change codes during class since it is exhausting.
  9. Artificial intelligence: a boon or curse?
  10. Do GMOs harm human health?
  11. Using several perspectives while understanding global history
  12. Dangerous sports should be prohibited in schools.
  13. Holistic techniques like yoga and meditation should be a part of PE curricula.
  14. Schools should provide nutritional support to their students.
  15. Barbie dolls should be banned: the commodification of women’s bodies
  16. Your past does not define you.
  17. Plastic surgery affects one’s body image and is not empowering.
  18. Progressive tax or proportional tax: what is better?
  19. The future of competitive cheerleading in the Olympics
  20. The “eccentric genius” myth is inaccurate and encourages intelligent students to conceal their abilities.
  21. The hidden harmful effects of consuming junk and processed food
  22. Why do children idolize celebrities?

Position Paper Topics for College Students

The following topics suit college students preparing their positions or argumentative essays. You can use these topics as-is or frame them according to your requirements.

  1. The impact of demonetization on the Indian economy
  2. Work from home: the route to satisfaction through balance
  3. Taxation in the United States: What’s wrong with the tax system?
  4. The dynamics of the gender pay gap: organizations bringing the gender pay gap to light
  5. Should Shakespeare still be studied in college?
  6. Is college tuition expensive in the USA?
  7. Test scores are the only way to assess the abilities of students.
  8. Life without faith is like life without meaning.
  9. The past is only a life lesson, not a life sentence.
  10. Women in STEM programs need more than a law.
  11. The STEM gap: a gender gap to innovation

Position Paper Topics on Education

These are some engaging position paper ideas regarding education that you can consider for writing your paper:

  1. The expectation and engagement of parents in the K–12 education of their kids and its outcomes
  2. challenges facing teachers regarding funding cuts and growing classes
  3. Sexism in schools: How the modern school dress code fosters sexism in our society
  4. Homeschooling vs. traditional schooling: which one is better for the 21st century?
  5. Does class size matter for the achievement of students?
  6. Should schools start giving cash credits to students with high test scores?
  7. The dimensions and paradigms of multicultural education
  8. Employment opportunities during school: character building or the destruction of academic purpose?

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Criminal Justice Topics for a Position Paper

These criminal justice topics for a position paper are some of the most controversial subjects that you can use to draft a persuasive and sturdy position paper:

  1. Freedom of speech: the constitutional double standard
  2. Increasing prison capacity can slow the rise in crime.
  3. Holistic practices can be effective in altering the mindset of prisoners.
  4. The Suppression of Abortion Protesters: The Law’s Double Standard
  5. Juvenile incarceration and health: recent achievements from strengthening juvenile incarceration systems
  6. Health-related issues in prisoner reentry
  7. White-collar criminals should be prosecuted similarly to other criminals for nefarious activities.
  8. Humane treatment of convicts in prisons is preferable to severe living conditions.
  9. The death penalty or capital punishment ought to be eliminated.
  10. Evidence from legal cases involving jail overcrowding regarding the impact of prison population size on crime rates
  11. Media coverage can affect how criminal justice
  12. relationship between socioeconomic status and crime
  13. The outcome of criminal justice can be influenced by media publicity.
  14. Should media outlets be permitted to report on court proceedings involving celebrities and other significant figures?
  15. Illegal drug prohibition will help reduce dependency.
  16. The misuse of the sexual violence law by women
  17. Since substance abuse leads to significant problems, the court should apply more rigorous laws to resolve this issue.
  18. Police personnel must be more stringent about their ethical codes.
  19. Substance abuse leads to significant problems in several nations.

Ideas for Position Papers on Social Issues

Social issues, including climate change, overpopulation, migrant crises, poverty, civil rights, human rights, women’s rights, and beyond, are the topics people have already worked on. However, we certainly have a long way to go. Below is a list of social topics for position papers you may find helpful. If you need samples to understand the ideal position paper format, then simply visit our profile and order now in three simple steps.

  1. How significant is equitable access to COVID vaccines?
  2. Providing education and medical treatment to children escaping violence and war
  3. Is it possible to reduce abortions without passing laws?
  4. The management of nutrition in complex emergencies
  5. Pro-life, pro-choice, and the possibilities of common values
  6. How can pro-life and pro-choice organizations work together?
  7. The nutritional and medical health needs of refugees
  8. Wealth inequality and challenging times: an uncertain future for the United States
  9. Emergency relief operations and refugee camps for refugees
  10. Sustainable urban transport: opportunities for the future of public transport
  11. Military spouse unemployment: addressing the undiscovered facts
  12. The sustainable transportation analysis for smart cities: Why should we prioritize private vehicles?
  13. Ethical dilemmas and methodology of accessing and reporting domestic abuse
  14. Addressing human trafficking from a global perspective
  15. impressions of male and female municipal council candidates that are gender biased
  16. Addressing the role of social media as a communication platform
  17. Is Barbie to blame for setting high beauty standards?
  18. The absurdity of homeless youth in an advanced economy
  19. Why should the law require health insurance to cover birth control?
  20. Maintaining equilibrium between workplace optimization and innovation regions.

Position Paper Topics in Psychology

Psychology is another essential subject that encompasses several fascinating, popular, controversial, and critical issues that need serious discussion in research and argument papers. Here is a list of some intriguing  position paper topics in psychology that you can use for investigation in your psychology major:

  1. Technical developments in the psychology field
  2. The vicious cycle of comfort eating, stress, and weight stigma
  3. Why are organizations investing in corporate wellbeing programs in their workplace?
  4. The horrendous effects of chronic sleep deprivation on youth
  5. The impact of poor mental health on relationships
  6. The LGBTQ community and suicide: a deadly combination
  7. The psychological impact of opiate misuse: how to avoid being dependent on prescription medicines
  8. Personality and psychology: a fatal combination
  9. Counseling should be provided in all schools.
  10. A person’s sexual orientation results from trauma or a terrible upbringing.
  11. The psychology of xenophobic attitudes
  12. How are the nations dealing with the psychological complications of the COVID-19 outbreak?
  13. Food addiction is correlated with irrational beliefs through character-driven anxiety and emotional eating.
  14. Controlling severe stress and managing emotional recovery from natural disasters
  15. Mental health is the cause of substance abuse.
  16. The harmful mental health effects of limiting access to safe abortion
  17. Subtle discrimination and its consequences for stigmatized populations’ mental health and wellbeing
  18. Making significant changes in your routine can significantly impact your mental health.
  19. Food addiction: a valid cause for concern?
  20. Psychological intervention: the current state and prominent issues

The Final Words

After reading this entire piece, you may come up with your ideas for position papers. In such cases, sitting with a notebook and pen is always a better option. You can immediately jot down any ideas that come to mind in your notebook. This way, you will remember any upcoming idea or topic. Writing a position paper requires the writer to be assertive and confident in their claims.

A position paper, also known as an argument paper, presents an arguable opinion or a fact, depending on the case. That’s why students get tormented right in the beginning and pay someone to write paper, which is wholly justified. When your grades are at stake, it’s always better to consult an expert for further editing services. Seeking experts’ help is nothing to be ashamed of, especially when other academic responsibilities overburden you.

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