Law Research Paper Topics: 150 Impactful Ideas for Law Students

law research paper topics ideas

Legal matters always tend to influence almost every kind of reader, which is an excellent opportunity for legal students. An impressive law topic helps you to create a strong foothold for your entire legal research paper. Thus, you cannot risk your research paper by choosing poor law research paper topics.

With so many variations in law subjects, students find it hard to select the most interesting legal topic. So in this article, you will get some of the best creative legal topics to write about. Keep reading this article for some unique and innovative law research paper topics.

But before moving forward to our selected legal topics to write about, let’s discuss some pre- topic selection tips. These tips will provide you with the initial guidance regarding the selection of your law research paper topics.

Law Research Paper Topic Selection Tips From Our Expert Writers

Don’t let yourself fall into irrelevant, unnecessary law research topic ideas. They will only make an impression of “fillers, ” resulting in obsolete content. Your legal research paper topic must be able to demonstrate your ideas and concerns in a concise manner with excellent communication skills.

Analyzing Different Legal Research Paper Topics

Whether you are a business student looking for business research topics or a law student searching for law research paper topics, the most appropriate approach is a thorough analysis of your favourite subjects. Law subjects such as business law, administrative law, constitutional law, etc., include various interesting legal topics. Select the most interesting subjects and break them into different topics. You can start by analyzing:

  • The current legal developments
  • A novel case where courts have split on their exposition of the law
  • Reading previous scholarly publications
  • Suggestions b
  • y your supervisors
  • A thorough update on the current affairs
  • Digging into different topic ideas


Make a mind map of each of those pieces of information. Highlight the main points on a paper, and add their supporting details. By practicing this, you will get to understand a rough figure of how much information you can get on the following topic.

Check Reference Material from the Library

The increasing accessibility of internet usage has made it even more convenient for a large section of students. This method will ensure that your research topic consists of various information sources. It ensures that your research will not be interrupted due to the lack of resources. 

Novel Cases Topic Ideas

The most common approach for selecting a legal research paper topic is focusing on the cases raised as a novel law issue. To identify these topics, you can browse the legal developments. You can also go through the recent legal matters before the Supreme Court or the highest authorized courts in different nations.

Consider Your Daily Routines

Sit down calmly and think about the issues and matters in the world that don’t fit right with you. Is there anything that excites you? If yes, you can also consider those topics for your research.

We hope that you have found your ideal law research paper topic. However, if you still cannot decide on your topic, don’t worry- we have crystallized some of the advanced

150 Advanced Law Research Paper Topics

Business Law Topics for Research Paper

Business law is a branch of civil law which deals with different rules and regulations which govern businesses. Research paper topics in business law are equally challenging and awarding as well.

So here’s a list of some exciting topics in business law that you can consider for your research paper.

  1. Detailed analysis of the copyright laws
  2. The impact of online retailing on international markets
  3. Study on white collar crime
  4. Conflicts of interests between private and public sector
  5. Shareholder rights
  6. The contract laws
  7. A detailed handbook on business law and the parliament
  8. Statutory research on employment law for business
  9. The trademark law and trade secrets
  10. A detailed study on the non-profit organizations
  11. The true nature of business law
  12. A concise survey of the business law of The United States
  13. The classification of business regulations in different nations
  14. The importance of business laws for institutions and organizations
  15. The formation and regulation of business law in the United Kingdom
  16. Comparative examination between the equity and doctrines of business law
  17. The role of the constitution in developing the business law
  18. Text, cases, and readings on international business law
  19. Business laws in the United States
  20. Relationship between business law and moral growth
  21. A detailed study on business law and moral growth
  22. Understanding the history of business law corporations and their developments

Constitutional Law Research Paper Topics

Constitutional law refers to the fundamental principles used by the government for exercising its authority. Here are some essential constitutional law research paper topics:

  1. Comparative examination between constitutional and administrative law
  2. A detailed study on constitutional law
  3. The doctrine of constitutional law
  4. The politics of constitutional law in the United Nations
  5. The nature of constitutional law in America
  6. Internet and its impact on freedom of speech
  7. The detailed study on the pros and cons of federalism
  8. The rights of victims of self-incrimination
  9. An evaluation of press freedom
  10. A critical analysis of press freedom in the United Nations
  11. Legal analysis on the flag burning issue
  12. A comparative examination of constitutional and state laws
  13. Comparison of constitutional law in America and India
  14. The pros and cons of constitutional law in different nations
  15. The politics and critical changes of the First Amendment
  16. Comparison between the bill of right for Britain and Australia

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International Law Research Topic suggestions

International law research topics include the study of rules, principles, and relations of different countries with one another and with its citizen or states.

This is the list of the most impressive international law research topics that you can use for your research paper:

  1. The limits of international law in theory and practice
  2. International law and its importance for businesses
  3. Why must countries respect international law
  4. The epochs of the international law system
  5. Why do nations and citizens obey international law
  6. Exploring the code-based ethics
  7. An introduction to international criminal court
  8. International jurisdiction
  9. The self-defeating international law
  10. Principals used to formulate international laws and proceedings
  11. International relations among different nations
  12. False confessions: causes and consequences on international law
  13. The issue of false confession in international law
  14. The traditional justifications- issues and consequence
  15. The international and national legislation
  16. Forecasting the future of international law via the internet
  17. The economic and spirit analysis of international law
  18. An economic analysis of international law and orders

Civil Rights Legal Research Topics

These rights guarantee equal social opportunities to all citizens regardless of caste, gender, sex, and race. Law topics for civil rights can develop great content. If you are someone who’s always been fascinated by civil laws, then the below-given list will surely be helpful to you.

  1. Civil justice in different nations
  2. The unhappy history of civil rights in the United Nations
  3. The journey of America from civil rights to human rights
  4. The oral history and the origin of the civil rights movements
  5. The forgotten promises of civil rights
  6. Study on civil liberties and racial discrimination
  7. The United Nations patriot right
  8. The state firearm laws
  9. The history of sexual discrimination and orientation in the United States.

Cyber Law Research Topic Ideas

Cyberlaw, also known as the IT law, deals with the internet’s relationship with information technology and electronic elements, such as computers and the internet.

Here are some of the current cyber law research topics, have a look at each before choosing any law topic.

  1. The role of cyber law and security in the United Nations
  2. The future of cyberterrorism and cybercrime
  3. Cybercrimes and their enforcement in America
  4. Global perception of cyber law
  5. The study of cyber laws in the United Nations
  6. Identifying the certainties of cyber laws and cybercrimes in the future
  7. The role of cyber law in the regulation of cyber crimes
  8. A study about awareness of cyber laws in the United Kingdom
  9. An analysis of cyber crimes and the enforcement of cyber laws
  10. The issues and challenges a government face with their cyber crimes

Commercial Legal Topics for Research Paper

Commercial law is a body of law designed to regulate the conduct of individuals and merchants and support businesses in making money in trade, sales, and commerce from their products and services.

  1. Commercials partnerships: the associated dangers and potential results
  2. pre-incorporation contracts: a company liability
  3. The effects of pre-incorporation agreements on German company law
  4. The significance of mediating the role of corporate social responsibility in organizational growth
  5. A detailed study on the US commercial laws
  6. The difficulties in the codification of commercial law
  7. A case study of the USA: what did the USA do in its power to stop corruption
  8. The effectiveness of commercial law
  9. Supporting the commercial law for supporting the commercial transactions in the US

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Research Paper Topic Ideas for Tax Laws

Law research on taxes can be an excellent opportunity to write an extraordinary paper. If you are considering taxes as your subject, you can view the following topics under this subject.

Here are some inspiring legal research topics to get started with your legal research:

  1. The research methods and taxation history in the United States
  2. A comparative study on the indirect and direct taxes in the United States
  3. The Future agenda and research strategies in comparative taxation
  4. The future agenda and myth of environmental taxation
  5. The Political economy of taxation in the US
  6. Introduction to taxation in the Indian government
  7. Structural analysis of comparative income taxation
  8. The power of tax in the economy
  9. The idea of the single taxpayer: setting new agendas for research
  10. The international exchanges ideas on taxation in the USA economy

Criminal Law Research Paper Topic Ideas

Criminal law, as distinguished from civil law. It is the body of law concerned with criminal offences and includes punishing individuals who commit them. Writing a research paper on criminal law will open numerous gates of opportunities for you.

Let’s have a look at these criminal law legal topics for your paper:

  1. A detailed study on Criminal psychology
  2. What is the reason behind different punishments for one crime
  3. The role of sociology in preventing criminal offenses
  4. The ethical and legal issues of criminal activities in the United Kingdom
  5. Domestic violence in modern times
  6. The impact of intensive bail supervision on repeat domestic violence offenders
  7. A study on criminal cartel offenses in the United Kingdom
  8. A handbook on DNA testing, fingerprints, and polygraphs
  9. Compulsory self-incrimination as a privilege
  10. Structural analysis of criminal violations of sexual abuse
  11. Criminologists in ancient times versus in modern times
  12. An analysis of cases and concepts of criminal procedures
  13. A worldwide perspective on the death penalty
  14. Public bail as a national disaster
  15. Criminal law in America versus in other nations
  16. Lie detector and the law behind it
  17. The dimension of male and female rape legislation

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Interesting legal topics for Medical law

Medical law is the body of law concerned with patients’ and medical professionals’ rights and responsibilities. The core of medical law focuses on confidentiality, negligence, and other torts regarding medical treatments.

We have provided some fascinating legal research topics to write about if you are interested in medical law.

Let’s have a look at them:

  1. Family and medical leave act (FMLA)
  2. An analysis of medical Malpractices
  3. Mental health laws in the United States
  4. Refusal of medical law and the common laws behind it
  5. Medical laws at the time of world war2
  6. Medical laws and ethics: Great debates behind it
  7. Law of abortion in the United States
  8. A systematic review of medical cannabis
  9. Almost a revolution in the mental health law around the world
  10. American health law around world war2

Environmental Legal Topics to Write About

We hope you must have found your law topic by now. If not, then don’t worry. We still have a few more interesting legal topics for your research paper. Let’s have a look at the below-given topics:

  1. The growth of environmental science towards a sustainable future
  2. The making of international environmental law
  3. The politics and policies behind international environmental law
  4. A detailed study on environmental and wildlife crimes
  5. Climate change and environmental laws in Great Britain
  6. Economic theory and environmental law policy in America
  7. International environmental law: crime, policy, and justice
  8. The biological weapons and policies by international environmental law
  9. How has global environmental law changed in today’s era
  10. The environmental law and climate changes in Australia
  11. Environmental regulations and policies in Canada
  12. How is the Uber industry affecting the ecology of America

Some Additional Interesting Legal Topics

Last but not least, we have crystallized some of your paper’s critical national and international law research topics. In this section, you will get a mixture of every kind of legal research paper topic. So if you are still confused about your research paper topic, look at the below-given law topic.

  1. Children custody in the Us law
  2. Multi banking law
  3. Policies and practices involved in education law
  4. Active and passive euthanasia: a right to die with dignity
  5. The current US environmental laws
  6. Organ donation: International and national practices regarding it
  7. Practices of organ donation in America
  8. Separation of banking and commerce in different nations
  9. Employment laws and policies in the United States
  10. The impossibility of religious freedom laws
  11. The #Metoo movement and its consequences in different nations
  12. A comparative analysis of terrorism laws in different nations
  13. The anti-discrimination law The drawbacks of traditional jurisdictions
  14. Employment law for disabled individuals in the UK
  15. Forecasting the future with digital legislation
  16. Sexual harassment policy in America
  17. The right to religious freedom in International laws

Final Thoughts

You just finished reading more than 150 law research paper topics. To gain brilliant scores for your research paper, selecting an exceptional legal research topic is crucial. These unique lists of topics will surely help you score high grades in your academic research.

Our native experts from have selected every topic according to current legal requirements. They can also help you with different legal research questions or some additional business law project ideas for your research paper. These questions or topics will help you to frame your research work into a big picture, making you stand out in the crowd.

In case you have any difficulty in writing a legal research paper, you can have a look at our article – A Detailed Guide to Write an Enticing Law Research Paper. This article will help you elaborate on legal research papers’ structure and format.

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