Ethics Topics for Research Papers: 140+ Ideas

ethics topics

Derived from the Greek word “ethos,” meaning “way of living,” ethics is a branch of philosophy that involves well-founded standards of right and wrong, as well as just and unjust behaviors. By defining concepts such as right, wrong, vice, justice, and crime, ethics examines an individual’s behavior in society.

When writing an ethics research paper, the first step is to come up with an appropriate ethics topic. Framing a research project on ethics requires understanding essential principles like honesty, morals, and integrity, and demonstrating the findings needed to support your hypothesis. This fundamental research can be challenging for many students, particularly those who have chosen complex research topics. Therefore, the first step is brainstorming excellent ethical topics to transform this challenging process into a smooth journey.

With this in mind, we are here to help ease this burden. This blog post compiles over 140+ captivating ethics topics across various disciplines. Each of these topics will assist you in writing a persuasive research paper that will captivate your readers and impress your professors.

Ethics Comes in a Variety of Forms

Over the centuries, different philosophers have proposed numerous ethical theories. Before diving into the ethical topics that we have categorized, it is crucial to understand the various types of ethics. Ethics can be broadly classified into four branches, as follows:

Descriptive ethics: This branch of ethics deals with the theory that explains the moral norms, attitudes, and practices that societies believe to be right or wrong. It examines how people actually behave and the moral standards they claim to follow.

Normative or prescriptive ethics: The study of “norms” or “principles” that determine what is morally right or wrong and accordingly holds individuals accountable. In simpler terms, this is the study of “ethical actions.” Deontological ethics, virtue ethics, consequentialism, and Nishkam Karmayoga are some examples of normative theories.

Meta-ethics: Meta-ethics studies the nature of ethics as a whole. This branch of ethics analyzes the foundations of our ethical principles and why we use them daily. It involves the investigation of the meaning and justification of moral claims, as well as the nature of moral values and properties.

Applied ethics: This is the most practical branch of ethics. Applied ethics involves the general principles that we apply in our daily lives. This branch deals with the philosophical examination, from a moral standpoint, of specific issues in various fields, such as medicine, business, and the environment.

Selecting the Right Research Topic in Ethics

To create an engaging research paper, the initial step is to select a high-quality research topic that will make your research stand out from the crowd. To score excellent grades, you must develop captivating ethics topics of your choice. Here are a few tips that will help you choose the best option among all the ethics paper topics:

  • When framing an ethical research paper, consider choosing a research topic with enough supporting facts, evidence, and details. Avoid any false or fabricated data, as it can ruin the credibility of your paper.
  • Select topics involving complex on-going issues or moral quandaries, as they would pique the interest of your professors. Look for topics that are occasionally covered by the media.
  • Try to write your research concisely, making it interesting, informative, and relevant. Overly long research is a major turnoff for readers.
  • Search for unsolved research paradigms that will allow you to include your opinions and arguments.
  • Engage in critical thinking on the best topics. Narrow down some of the best topics that spark your and your readers’ interests and will expand their knowledge.

Identifying the perfect topic that suits all your requirements can be challenging. You can use the tips mentioned above to identify the best topics that meet your needs. However, depending on individual students, this process can still be time-consuming. Instead of brainstorming for hours, delving into research, and writing lengthy research papers, you can seek professional assistance from our research paper writers.

140+ Ethics Topics for Research Papers

Crafting a research paper on ethics can be more challenging than it initially appears. This is because, while most people understand basic ethical values, their interpretations can vary significantly. Ethics is not just about black and white; it delves much deeper into the shades of grey. In this article, our experts from have provided you with an extensive list of ethics topics to help jumpstart your research paper. For a better understanding, we recommend reading through each list thoroughly.

Compelling Topics on Ethical Issues

Ethical dilemmas arise when individuals must evaluate whether their actions are morally right. Topics related to such dilemmas often explore complex questions, requiring one to defend their position convincingly. These ethical issues span various fields, including religion, psychology, and sociology. Consequently, incorporating perspectives from these disciplines can help create a unique and insightful research paper.

  1. Ethical Codes for Sports Refereeing
  2. Ethical issues in animal research
  3. The ethical issues with euthanasia
  4. Ethical Issues in Sports Administration
  5. Legal Ethics in National and international businesses
  6. Organizational Ethics and Individual Responsibility
  7. Understanding sports ethics as a significant tool for accessing moral behavior in sports
  8. The Ethical Challenges and Controversies of Healthcare Reform
  9. The Challenge of Terri Schiavo from an ethical perspective
  10. The Ethical Issues of Pharmaceutical Companies
  11. Ethical Issues with Abortion
  12. Sports ethics: use of drugs in sports competition
  13. Healthcare systems and associated healthcare ethics
  14. Ethical and cultural issues with group work
  15. Political and socioeconomic issues amongst different nations
  16. Religion and Ethics in healthcare provisions
  17. Ethical Issues and Concerns of a professional sports person
  18. The ethical side of Motorsports
  19. The foundation of computer ethics

Since ethics is a branch of philosophy, students can also consider choosing philosophy research topics.

Social Media Business Ethics Topics

To make things easier, our experts have enumerated a list of the most interesting social media business ethics topics for you. These topics are thoroughly reviewed in depth to ensure optimum results for students. Check them out!

  1. An Introduction to social media ethics
  2. Is the notion of “controversial fit” on social media ethical?
  3. Enhancing business performance on social media without eroding business ethics
  4. The ethical judgment of consumers and controversial advertising avoidance on social media
  5. Managing ethical responses on social media: effective guidance for business entrepreneurs
  6. The ethical environment in online communities: information credibility from a social media standpoint
  7. Employing big data in business organizations and business ethics
  8. Social media business ethics: a view from the trenches
  9. Corporate Firing for sharing questionable social media posts: a detailed analysis
  10. What is the role of social media ethics in achieving responsible business?
  11. The Influence of social media ethics on Enhancing the effective online presence of Businesses
  12. The Influence of social media ethics in the ongoing industries
  13. Social media ethics and Etiquette
  14. The ethical environment in online communities: information credibility from a social media standpoint
  15. The Impact of social media ethics on Businesses
  16. The Ethical Issues of Colonizing Mars
  17. Social media ethics and journalism: a detailed analysis
  18. The ethical implications of social media: issues and recommendations for entrepreneurs

The Best Bio-Medical Ethics Topics

If you’re interested in bio-medical, then consider choosing a research topic from the following list of suggestions:

  1. A detailed analysis of the relationship between medical ethics and religious beliefs
  2. Medical Ethics in Asia versus Europe
  3. Medical ethics: a detailed analysis
  4. Ethical Issues in stem cell research and Therapy
  5. The ethical issues and legal considerations with euthanasia
  6. Ethical behavioral issues and Problems in Medicine
  7. A detailed analysis for monitoring the application of idol ethics in medical fields
  8. The ethical challenges and Considerations for practicing medicine overseas
  9. Ethical Considerations for the Inclusion of pregnant women as research participants
  10. How do medical ethics confront religious beliefs?
  11. Bio-ethics versus medical ethics: a comparative analysis
  12. Contemporary medical ethics: a research analysis of Iran
  13. Ethical issues, including bioethics (conduct a case study)
  14. Principles of bio-medical ethics
  15. Human testing of drugs: is it ethical?
  16. Debunking the Ethics of Neuroenhancement
  17. The imperativeness of medical ethics
  18. The perception of biomedical ethics
  19. The Ethics of Development: an integral Approach

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Bioethics Research Paper Topics

Bioethics talks about topics related to health, life, genetics, neurology, and even plastic surgery. Research paper topics in bioethics are brilliant topics to write about. The following list is a compilation of 20 bioethics research paper topics that you can consider:

  1. Ethical conflicts over disclosure and barring services
  2. Bioethics: Why is philosophy essential for progress?
  3. Contemporary Issues in Bioethics
  4. A critical understanding of the ethical responsibilities associated with CRISPR
  5. Bioethics and stem cell research
  6. 5 strange and sinister medical procedures from History
  7. Bioethics and political ideology: The case of active voluntary euthanasia
  8. Availability of vaccines for everyone: an overview
  9. The ethics of brain-boosting
  10. Euthanasia: An Overview and the Jewish Perspective
  11. The legal and ethical considerations of dealing with a brain-dead person
  12. A descriptive analysis of Bioethics in Society
  13. Ethics and genetic engineering—lessons to learn
  14. Islam and bioethics: Beyond abortion and euthanasia
  15. Exploring the ethical principles and Practice of plastic surgery
  16. Pediatric neuroenhancement: ethical, legal, social, and neurodevelopmental implications
  17. Bioethics, disability, and death: Uncovering cultural bias in the euthanasia debate
  18. Secular Bioethics and Euthanasia in a democratic public space

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Medical Ethics Topics to Score Excellent Grades

The list of medical ethics topics below can assist you with some of these amazing medical ethics topics. For a better understanding, consider reading each topic among these recommendations:

  1. Is physician-assisted suicide legal? Is it ethical?
  2. The ethical and legal issues with surrogacy
  3. The Ethical and Medical Implications of Circumcision
  4. The Ethics of Surrogacy
  5. The ethics of abortion: Is it ethically right?
  6. Ethical and policy issues associated with uterine transplants
  7. Ethical considerations associated with living donations: an overview
  8. The Ethics of Condemned Prisoner Organ Donation
  9. Ethical theories and laws associated with medical ethics
  10. The Ethics of employing human embryos in genetic engineering research
  11. Medical ethics dilemma: an overview
  12. The ethical perspectives of the Nightingale pledge
  13. The ethics of animal research
  14. Current ethical issues and Challenges in Healthcare
  15. Religion, beliefs, and medical ethics: an overview
  16. Bioethics, human rights, and childbirth
  17. Understanding Morality without ethics

Enthralling Computing Ethics Topics

Technological advancements have revolutionized all facets of human existence. Computer ethics encompass a collection of fundamental principles aimed at addressing concerns associated with the improper use of computers and outlining preventive measures. The list provided below features some of the most compelling ethical research topics in the realm of computer ethics.

  1. Should ethics boards be required for IT companies?
  2. Discussing the risks associated with keeping sensitive data online.
  3. Is hacking a moral act?
  4. Examine the ethical issues raised by artificial intelligence.
  5. Exploring computer privacy-related problems and their solutions
  6. The moral dilemmas associated with drone use
  7. Evaluating the moral implications of internet users’ Anonymity
  8. Ethical prevention of cyberbullying: What can be done for a permanent termination?
  9. Sabotaging others’ computers: how is this ethically wrong?
  10. Mapping the foundationalist debate in computer ethics
  11. A method in computer ethics: Towards a multi-level interdisciplinary approach
  12. Computer ethics: the significance of personal, formal, and informal codes
  13. Gender and computer ethics
  14. Reasons, relativity, and Responsibility in computer ethics
  15. The Ethics of Computing: A Survey of the computing-oriented Literature
  16. Computer Ethics and moral methodology
  17. The ethics of online Anonymity or Zuckerberg vs.” Moot.”
  18. Propose an educational plan for computer ethics and information security

Research Paper Topics in Sports Ethics

Sports ethics extend beyond mere behavior and thought processes, as they are fundamentally rooted in respect, fairness, integrity, and responsibility within the sports arena. Athletes often face dilemmas regarding what actions to take or avoid due to the ethical considerations in sports. Although this subject can be complex, a deep understanding allows for exceptional research on sports ethics. Here are some example topics:

  1. Sports Ethics: An Anthology
  2. Ethics in sports
  3. Performance-enhancing drugs in sport: The ethical issue
  4. The key components of sports ethics
  5. The primary moral obligations of athletes
  6. The imperativeness of ethics in sports
  7. A detailed analysis of the ethical responsibilities of a sportsperson
  8. Are professional sporting activities moral in today’s society?
  9. The Paralympic Games and the Promotion of the Rights of Persons with Disabilities
  10. Athletes’ healthcare and ethical Concerns
  11. Impact of ethical behavior outside the Pitch
  12. The moral dimensions of Motorsports
  13. Child exploitation to become elite athletes
  14. Moral and ethical responsibilities of a sportsperson
  15. How do people enter the world of professional sports, and what ethical issues do they face?
  16. Athletes’ healthcare and ethical Concerns
  17. Alienation of sports from real life
  18. How sports and games serve as the primary outlet for human ethics
  19. Sports ethics and medicine
  20. The unique ethics of sports medicine

Top-Notch Business Ethics Topics

Your ethics paper topic on business must be engaging and provide a practical solution to the ongoing economic challenges. Here is a compilation of some of the best business ethical topics for research papers. Each topic on this list will allow you to draft an excellent research paper and earn brilliant grades. Read on.

  1. Roots of business ethics in Psychology
  2. A Model of business ethics
  3. A detailed study of the ethical philosophy behind Bitcoin
  4. The unique connection between business success and personal integrity
  5. Moral Leadership and Unethical Pro-Organizational Behavior
  6. How closely can managers monitor their employees’ behavior?
  7. Business ethics and social responsibility education: shifting the worldview
  8. Ethical behaviors and economic rationality: an overview
  9. Business ethics and social responsibilities
  10. Who determines whether private or personal information should be collected?
  11. The business ethics case of McDonald’s
  12. Understanding and preventing ethical failures in leadership
  13. Ethical Dilemmas in Conducting Business
  14. Moral policing: It’s more business than ideology.
  15. Data Security Enhancement and Business Ethics
  16. Perceptions of business ethics: Students vs. business people
  17. American business culture and ethical norms
  18. Does business ethics make economic sense?
  19. Moral Leadership and business ethics
  20. Business Ethics in Islam: the glaring gap in Practice

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Criminal Justice Research Topics in Ethics

We always hear how law enforcement is made to protect the commoner’s rights. Unfortunately, it is not always the case. These law enforcers sometimes end up in morally ambiguous situations. Now and then, we often hear news about how a fellow police officer exploited a commoner. So, if this topic piques your interest, this list might be helpful for you. Below are some interesting topics in criminal justice ethics.

  1. The Codes of ethics for criminal justice
  2. Integrity in the Criminal Justice System
  3. A detailed analysis of the ethics of criminal justice
  4. Model affairs and impartial statutory policies.
  5. Arguments for and against capital punishment
  6. Discussion on the ethical ramifications of the “innocent until proven guilty” principle
  7. Examination of the Stanford Prison Experiment’s ethical issues.
  8. What moral ramifications do school shooter exercises have?
  9. Discuss if Julian Assange’s prosecution is appropriate.
  10. Examining the ethical difficulties of privatized prisons
  11. Imprisonment of young offenders: Is it ethically right?
  12. Ethics in criminal justice: theory and practices
  13. Ethical Dilemmas and decisions in criminal justice

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Environmental Ethics Topics

If you are willing to compare and contrast topics for environmental ethics, you can take ideas from some of the below-given research topics. Read through the entire list, narrow down the best topics, and finally, set your tone to make your point.

  1. An Introduction to environmental ethics
  2. The bio-ethical standards of Coca-Cola
  3. A detailed study of the global warming ethics
  4. Assessing the US Government’s environmental ethics
  5. Should companies be held accountable for preserving the environment?
  6. A deeper look at the EU Administration’s environmental policy and commercial ethics
  7. Environmental Regulations and business ethics
  8. A detailed study on the primary environmental and ethical issues in business?
  9. Ethics of setting up residential structures in sensitive habitats.
  10. Animal testing in the cosmetic industry
  11. Recreational environmental ethics: A more detailed examination of the effects of hunting
  12. Ethical evaluation of initiatives to combat climate change
  13. Commercial whaling: an ethical analysis
  14. A detailed evaluation of insider trading: can we call it ethical?
  15. Is there a moral case for pollution trade-off programmers?
  16. What do people think about good versus bad ethics?
  17. Electric vehicles can help rescue the environment.
  18. Tax evasion and tax avoidance: what exactly is legally right?
  19. A critical evaluation of the global warming ethics
  20. Pollution trade-off programs: are they ethically justified?
  21. Ethical Analysis of climate change mitigation efforts

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Final Thoughts

From the array of ethics topics provided, choose one that captures your interest and aligns with your academic preferences. We hope this list proves insightful for your upcoming research paper. If you ever feel stuck, remember that help is available!

Consider using our paper help service if you’re searching for a topic for your research proposal, thesis, dissertation, or any other academic writing. Our skilled paper helpers can assist you in developing a unique ethics research paper topic. Should you require expert guidance, don’t hesitate to seek outstanding writing assistance at a reasonable price.

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