Chemistry Research Topics: A List of 150 Winning Ideas

Chemistry Research Topics Ideas

A chemistry science student conducts research works that are associated with their interests and seeks to study different chemical phenomena or reactions within their fields.

A top-notch research topic is an essential foundation of a good research paper. A good research paper carries the potential to boost your academic grades. On the contrary, a poorly written research paper can severely affect your grades. Most chemistry students often end up making the same mistake of choosing the wrong chemistry research topics for their papers. It significantly affects the quality of their academic grades.

Read our blog to dig deeper to get the best research topics for chemistry. We are sure this article will be helpful for you. We have prepared lists of more than 150 exciting chemistry research topics. These topics will help you attain the highest grades and enjoy your research process simultaneously.

Organic Versus In- Organic Chemistry

Chemistry is an old age of science for which human knowledge has enhanced over the past decades. It was in the 17th century when scientists discovered that there are in total two branches of chemistry: organic chemistry and in- organic chemistry.

Now, for a better understanding let us explore the differences between these two branches of chemistry.

S.No Organic Chemistry In- Organic Chemistry
1. Organic chemistry includes organic compounds which are made up of hydrocarbons. These composed are made up of living organisms and synthetic chemicals that contain chains of carbon in them. In- organic chemistry deals with in-organic compounds which consist of ionic base into them.
2. Its reactions are based on the functional group present on the compound.  Gives acid based, displacement and redox reaction, etc.
3. It deals with oil, fat, sugar, etc. It deals with salt and crystals
4. It melts and boils easily. Compared to the organic compounds, it melts and boils easily.

Both of these fields include analytical laboratory techniques to analyze the behavior of different compounds within their disciplines.

Before moving forward to the topics selection, we suggest you to have a look at this guide for creating or choosing the ideal chemistry research topic.

Noteworthy Guidance for Selecting a Successful Chemistry Research Topic:

Indeed selecting chemistry research topics is not easy, but it’s not impossible, is it? Well, obviously, no. All you need is some expert help with chemistry research topics. But first, whilst you are in your selection phase, narrow down the chemistry research topics and select the topics that are:

  • Interesting to you: Interesting research topics are your way to a successful research paper. Avoid selecting tedious, dull and difficult topics; choose a chemistry topic for which you have good knowledge and understanding.
  • Analytical: Before selecting your topic, make sure it’s analytical. Read previous scholarly articles to understand the thought process of renowned scientists. Thinking about analytical chemistry research topics would improve the credibility of your research paper.
  • Researchable: conduct background research for your chemistry topics. It will help you to structure a strong foundation for your research paper. Popular topics are always helpful for making a successful paper. You can get numerous authorized content regarding popular topics. However, to draft a unique research paper, include some new studies and hypotheses on that topic.
  • Supporting references and materials: Make sure your research topic has enough reliable sources. Before selecting your research topic, see if it consist well- trusted books, article or journals.
  • Following university guidelines: Before choosing your chemistry research topics, you must analyze whether your topic follows the university writing requirements or not. An impactful research paper includes all the essential norms acknowledged by the scientific community.

List of 150 Enticing Chemistry Research Topics

chemistry research areas

Here we go! In this section, we have created the best chemistry research topics in a nutshell.

Let’s have a look at some of the best chemistry research topics. Select the one that’s best for you and get started with your research work. For a better understanding, we want you to read every topic thoroughly and then decide what works best for you.

So what are you waiting for? Let’s get started!

Organic Chemistry Research Topics

Organic chemistry is a vast study area that studies carbon-containing molecules. This field contains various organic chemistry research topics to write and study about in this area. To draft an impressive chemistry research topic, invest your time and energy in conducting the prerequisite research first.

Here are just a few of the best organic chemistry science research topics for you to consider:

  1. Investigation of the recent advancements in the methods for synthesizing chiral molecules
  2. Studying the electronic structure and chemical reactivity of carbon nanotubes
  3. Define and explain the oil in a nutshell
  4. Chlorination of phenol
  5. Exploring the preparations and properties of metal complexes with organometallic ligands
  6. Towards rational crafting of benzene derivatives with improved thermal stability
  7. Exploring the new ways of molecular reaction dynamics
  8. Learning stereochemistry in organic compounds
  9. A handbook on learning the isomerism types in organic compounds
  10. Nucleophiles: reactions of nucleophiles with ethylenic substrates
  11. Conceptive research on nucleophiles
  12. Discovery of aniline dyes
  13. The ups and downs of nucleic acids stability
  14. Process modelling for hydrocarbon fuel conversion
  15. Exploring the new C-O electrophiles in cross-coupling reactions
  16. New directions toward structure formation and stability
  17. Regulations of nitrogen compounds in water
  18. A review of the effect of alcohols on micro-organisms
  19. Snow pollution management in urban areas
  20. Exploring the effects of cell-surface sugars on health, illness, and aging

Inorganic Chemistry Research Topics

Inorganic chemistry deals with in-organic compounds which consist of ionic bases into them. Excluding carbon, all the other elements mentioned in the periodic table are included in inorganic chemistry. It includes inorganic compounds such as minerals, metals, etc. But let us not dive into the details and leave that part to your research paper.

Here are some interesting inorganic chemistry research topics for you:

  1. A detailed study on how metals react with each other
  2. Needs trends and new alloys of inorganic chemicals
  3. Inorganic chemistry and its relationship with the pharmaceutical industry
  4. Effects of different chemicals and their reactions on the human body
  5. Past, present, and future of inorganic chemicals
  6. A conceptive study on inorganic chemistry and its role in the environment
  7. The future of inorganic chemistry and sustainable development
  8. The method of creating new alloys and how to improve the existing ones
  9. Inorganic chemistry and its relationship with the food industry
  10. The relationship between inorganic chemistry and the cosmetic industry
  11. Principals of inorganic chemistry: theory, practice, and applications
  12. Modifications of NaCI structure: why is it salty?
  13. A detailed study on the formation of sapphires
  14. The law of multiple proportions
  15. Different states of matter: on Earth and in the Cosmos
  16. Hydrodynamics of soft active matter handbook on the effects of sulfuric acid on organic materials
  17. A comparative study of the difference between organic and inorganic compounds
  18. Importance of inorganic chemistry
  19. Explanation of Lewis structures and Electron Dot models

Advanced Physical Topics in Chemistry

These topics are widely focused on advanced physical topics in chemistry. If you are still confused about your chemistry-related research topics, we hope these topic ideas might interest you:

  1. A concise study on the relationship between chemical reactions and heat
  2. Introduction and progress in the fields of spectroscopy
  3. Introduction to quantum chemistry in the age of quantum computing
  4. Ideas and variations of methods in quantum chemistry
  5. Recent advancements in mechanistic organic photochemistry
  6. Definition and standardization of pH measures
  7. A handbook on the structure of atoms on a quantum scale
  8. The chemical bonding across atoms and molecules
  9. The relationship between temperature and chemical reactions
  10. Introductions and principles of chemical kinetics
  11. Recent advancements in the role of light in in-body chemical reactions
  12. The influence of surface tension and its effects on mixtures
  13. An overview of interfacing of advanced computing in the electron microscope
  14. Advanced technology paths towards a science of global climate stability
  15. Catalytic reaction: structure sensitivity and nanoplasmonic probes
  16. A detailed study on the nanoelectrodes and Sensors

Easy Research Topics in Chemistry

These are a few chemistry research topics that are important and easy simultaneously. So here are some essential chemistry topics which may interest you:

  1. Introduction to modern liquid chromatography
  2. Rational molecular design for achieving persistence and reducing toxicity
  3. Properties of mesoscopic structure at ultrafast time scales
  4. Climate chemistry: role of chemistry for preserving climate issues
  5. The chemistry of allergy
  6. Host-Guest Interactions of Fullerene Fragments
  7. Lewis structure study

General Chemistry Topics for Research

If you are looking for general chemistry research topics, this section is specifically made for you. Have a look at this section before selecting your chemistry topics. This section comprises various general chemistry topics that are important simultaneously.

  1. Batteries for vehicular applications: building better batteries
  2. Conductive polymers as the new established thermoelectric material
  3. Pesticides use in vegetable production: a survey of American farmers
  4. The harmful impacts of pesticides on human health
  5. Explain the fast dynamics of water droplets upon freezing
  6. What is the reason behind the breakage of freezing rocks
  7. Formation of cholesterol crystallites
  8. A meta-analysis of the controversy of steroids
  9. A meta-analysis on the biological synthesis of cholesterol
  10. Fritz Haber: as a damned scientist 

Analytical Chemistry Topics for Research

Analytical chemistry studies and identifies matter’s composition, status, determination, and structure. Scientists use analytical chemistry to determine the matter and how much it is helpful in something. So, if you are keen to research analytical chemistry topics, here are some of the great ideas to move forward with your research:

  1. Introduction to liquid chromatography
  2. Environmental analytical chemistry
  3. Identifying chemical reaction hazards in the laboratory
  4. Introduction to chromatography
  5. Understanding molecular dynamics and targeted thermostat schemes
  6. An overview of chiral class drug analysis in forensic laboratories
  7. Optical enantiomers flaw: symmetry and molecular chirality
  8. Learning chemical equilibrium with the jigsaw technique
  9. Application of electrochemical biosensor for toxic detections
  10. Revisiting qualitative analysis of chemistry
  11. An overview and an update on the clinical pharmacology of ibuprofen
  12. Evaluation of Isomerism framework advantages
  13. Principals and classifications of chromatography
  14. Exploring multiple time-scale molecular dynamics
  15. Effects of chemical equilibrium
  16. The adulteration of drugs
  17. Rethinking amide bond’s effects in polypeptide field

Innovative Research Topics for Chemistry

Innovative chemistry refers to linking your creative ideas with your chemistry research topics. So, if you were thinking of making a groundbreaking chemistry research paper, here are some chemistry topics to write about:

  1. Side-chain conformational effects in protein folding
  2. An overview of thiophene compounds
  3. Sonochemical synthesis of nanomaterials for green chemistry
  4. Enzymes and their significance in chemical reactions
  5. The tragedy with fritz
  6. The functions of enzymes in maintaining soil health
  7. Fabrication and application of photocatalysis in 3Dprinting
  8. Farming with fewer pesticides: health and environmental cost of pesticides
  9. Cellular transportation of drugs
  10. The introduction and science of flavonoids
  11. Black drug intermediates
  12. Scatter research for chemical and bio-process optimization
  13. Development of responsive sensors of upconversion nanomaterials
  14. The philosophy of quantum mechanics: a modern development
  15. Identifying the significance of astrochemical research on extraterrestrial molecules
  16. A deep analysis of cellular transport systems in facility logistics
  17. Evolving medicinal chemistry: fusion of traditional and modern chemistry
  18. The significance of Meta- organic frameworks
  19. Monitoring chemical reactions of pressurized organic components
  20. Deep research on active pharmaceutical ingredients

Controversial Chemistry Topics for Research

Controversial topic includes all those exciting buzzing topics, which make people curious to know more. If you still haven’t found your topic, have a look at these below given controversial chemistry research topics to get started with your research:

  1. Chemicals in war: the history of chemicals and biological warfare agents
  2. Interaction between hydrogen and dipole and their functions in protein
  3. Current concepts of bioengineering
  4. Association of food chemicals with the human brain
  5. Production of food flavouring agent
  6. Modulations of hydrophobic effects
  7. Hydrophobic interactions
  8. State’s role in regulating chemicals
  9. Cigarettes and cigarette smoking: Evolution of chemicals in cigarettes
  10. The chemical effects and trouble associated with cannabidiol oil
  11. Bad chemical reactions: the rise and rise of antidepressants
  12. DNA and decentralization of electrons
  13. A handbook on
  14. chemistry and the origin of life
  15. Chemical warfare ethics
  16. A structure-based platform for predicting chemical reaction
  17. Synthetic self-replicating molecules
  18. The growing danger of bioconjugation chemistry
  19. Fritz Haber’s experiments in life and death
  20. Principals and practices of green chemistry

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Biochemical Engineering Topics in Chemistry

Biochemical engineering is an important pillar industry of this century. It is the interdisciplinary combining biotechnology and chemical engineering. So, if you are interested in this field but wondering which topic to choose. We are here to provide our help with  research papers. Here are a few exciting chemistry research topics:

  1. Thermodynamics in biochemical engineering
  2. Transmembrane transporters
  3. An ontology of advanced engineering
  4. Understanding the mathematical modelling of metabolism
  5. The harmful effects of food industry chemicals
  6. The future of biochemical engineering
  7. Perceptions and developments of epigenetic
  8. Autophagy: process and functions
  9. An introduction to the mechanisms of apoptosis
  10. Mechanisms of tetracycline drugs

Biochemistry Research Topics

While this term might sound obscure, it includes critical fields such as environmental protection, rehabilitation, genetics, use of opioids, etc. If you are keen to analyze more about these subjects, we have selected the ten most essential biochemistry topics. Before selecting the topic, we suggest you read each topic thoroughly and conduct primary research on the selected ones:

  1. Significance of biochemistry for cancer treatment
  2. The extraordinary mitochondrion citric acid cycle
  3. The role of biochemistry in building the immune system
  4. Epigenetic: the science of probiotic research
  5. Unravelling the cell metabolism process
  6. Behavioural study of biochemistry
  7. Significance of
  8. biochemistry in heart diseases
  9. The visible history of the visible sheep: the legacy of dolly the sheep
  10. Industrial applications and utilization of amino acid
  11. New therapies for treating hemophilia

Final Thoughts

At last, we hope this article has provided help with selecting chemistry science research topics. We agree that choosing science research topics is difficult, especially when you are supposed to write a paper on chemistry topics. The research topic for chemistry consists of various pertinent sub fields under this domain, but you must focus on that one topic that highlights your skills and knowledge in the best way.

The above-given topics will help you to take a step toward a successful academic career. Interesting chemical research topics can create a strong foothold of your entire work in your research proposal. Highlight the importance of the topic in your research proposal. Elaborate how your research work can create a massive difference in your field, etc.

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