A Comprehensive Guide on How to Write a Thesis Statement

Guide on How to Write a Thesis Statement

A thesis statement is the ultimate core element of your entire essay, which helps you to narrate the core idea of your essay to your readers. A fluent thesis statement gives a solid foundation to your essay, which makes your readers align more with your topic from the initial stage only. Although it may seem easy to you at first, the thing is, it isn’t that easy to write down. You need to carefully analyze your topic before writing the thesis statement for your essay. Apart from this, there is much more to know before holding a pen. And if you’re facing extensive difficulty in how to start writing your thesis statement in the best way possible, you have indeed come to the right place.

In this article, we are going to explain all the necessary writing tools you should not forget before writing down your thesis statement. So let’s get started!

What Is A Thesis Statement?

A thesis statement can be termed an opening paragraph of your descriptive or eloquent essays. Students are supposed to write a thesis statement to introduce the general idea or theme of their essays to their readers. A thesis statement controls the central idea of your entire essay. Note that it is as much as important for your essay as the entire thesis proposal because the entire engagement from your readers depends on this first step, and readers will get to know what they should expect in the subsequent coming time. Always remember a thesis is not merely a discussion on a topic or a simple answer to a question; rather, the writer is supposed to articulate and form his opinion into a centralized idea, on which the whole thesis will be built on.

Note that a thesis statement is often confused with a general introductory part or topic part of an essay. But you must not confuse these two together. Though the purpose of both paragraphs is to show the core aim, idea, or goal of the essay by making it an essential way to start, the difference here is that a thesis statement isn’t always needed to be the first essay in your paragraph. However, note that an introductory sentence is always supposed to be at the beginning of your essay to make sure complete engagement from your readers into your essay. Rest you can always add the central ideas and the necessary arguments later.

Key Points to Consider In Your Thesis Statement

The foremost step to start writing your thesis is to think about whatever question your professor assigns you; you should question yourself, what do you have to say about this question? What answers are you getting in your mind? Asking and then answering all the necessary questions will help you to make a precise and thoughtful thesis.

Now that you have understood what a thesis statement is let us move further to explore and discuss the most important keys element you should never forget while writing your thesis statement. Remember, these elements can be further altered according to your requirements.

  • Accuracy: a strong thesis statement must be accurate at its best. It should remain stuck to the topic only. This would help the readers to stay attentive and focused on the topic. Don’t forget to pinpoint all the necessary details that you are going to discuss.
  • Arguable: whatever your topic is, it must provide some relevant arguable data. This part consists of the main idea of what you are going to further prove in your article. After this, be sure your thesis statement does provide a relevant answer to that argument to its readers.
  • Evident: after writing you’re introductory and argument part, you need to provide a few pieces of evidence to prove the claims that you have made so far in your thesis statement. Make sure to provide various necessary examples and theories to support your statement. You can even rely on personal observations too. You can even consult a third person to make sure what you have prepared so far seems relevant or not.
  • Assertiveness: when your readers are reading your thesis statement, they are relying on you to acquire some sort of additional information regarding the topic. So make sure you write the content about which you are confident. Avoid using phrases such as “I feel like this” or “I think so” because this will make your readers feel like your content has insufficient backing. Be confident about your content, it will make your readers have faith in your arguments and structure.

How Long A Thesis Statement Should Be?

With the above discussion, you might have understood what a thesis statement is. Furthermore, in this part, we are going to discuss how long you should make your thesis statement.

Since every individual comprises of different writing style, so based on one’s writing style, the length can vary too. Good arguments tend to be more established, and this can take more than two sentences. At last, a good thesis statement can consist of three or four sentences. The ultimate aim is to write a well-built statement that provides reliable information and arguments for your topic. In that case, you can write a short informative statement with a maximum of 2 sentences, or you can extend it to 3 long sentences providing plenty of meta-discourse to prove your arguments and theories.

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Writing Thesis Statement for Descriptive and Argumentative Essays

Depending on the common structure of your thesis, writing a thesis statement can vary too. Descriptive and argumentative essays are one of the most usual types of thesis essays. These essays generally provide the readers with an overview of what they have studied so far. If you’re taking a stand for something, you need to be confident, certain, and strong about it so that readers might find themselves to be engaged and have variable opinions about it. You should not forget to mention all the minor details here to give a hint about your topic in the rest of your paper. Provide shreds of evidence, background theories, and contexts to prove your arguments.

Nevertheless, if your papers consist of variable categories and sub-topics, you may want to add them into your thesis statement; remember not to dive deeper into the details here; it would be a good step to make your readers expect what has to come.

Writing Thesis Statements for Eloquent Essays

Thesis statements for eloquent essays tend to make an emotional connection with the readers in their statements. Which helps them to make a specific personal impact on their readers? Like descriptive essays, eloquent essays too need a certain type of formatting and guidelines. Specific details and conclusive language is required in both the essays.

However, the most common difference between both essays is that while the thesis statement for descriptive essays affirms facts, the other one affirms clear opinions regarding the topic. Although, the format remains the same, and the opinions are supported by evidence.

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Thesis Statement Writing Guide in Two Persuasive Ways

  • Write down the most appealing topic for your essay. This is the first and the foremost important part of your thesis paper. Since your whole essay depends on what your topic will be.
  • You need to thoroughly decide on what is the one thing you find most fascinating to write about. Even if you don’t know much about that topic, don’t worry! With all the research, you will start gaining further information automatically. You just have to think about that one central topic that you feel is the most interesting topic.
  • Narrow down all the topics you find interesting. Among those entire topics, think thoroughly, what is that one topic you want to study or research more about, and Voila, you have solved this issue
  • Now, if you don’t want to run out of references in the middle of your essay, make sure the topic you have selected already has the relevant and reliable sources and material on both online and offline platforms.

Now that you’ve crossed your first barrage, it’s time to hold the pen and write down all your ideas and thoughts into thesis sentences.

Ask questions and in the end, provide answers to your readers

  • To engage your readers more eloquently in your thesis statement, you need to ask them a few relevant questions regarding the topic you have. You can always phrase your topics into relevant question forms; this will make the readers attentive to your topic.
  • Now, if you already have the answer to your questions, then simply write it down. If not, then help yourself with suitable references, materials, and evidence. Later you can add all these resources and materials in your essay’s paragraphs.

End Note –

Now that you’ve achieved all the necessary instructions on how to write a Thesis statement, you might want to get up and get started with your writing. Anyhow, if you still need an expert’s guidance and help with thesis writing,you can contact our agent, which is available at your service on Edumagnate.com.

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