Nursing Research Topics: 70+ Interesting Ideas You Can opt From

Nursing Research Topics

What Is the Necessity of Nursing Research Topics?

For decades now, nurses have been the backbone of the health industry. Moreover, they are responsible for interacting with the patient’s family regarding the patient’s health progress. Before becoming a nurse, one must complete extensive training that includes adhering to a strict schedule and managing much classwork. Nurses are obliged to divide their time after their third year of education to balance employment and school obligations.

They must work on their research papers and address at least one health issue people face throughout this period. As a result, they find time to think of nursing research ideas relevant to their situations.

Choosing good nursing thesis topics for research can be challenging at times. It is vital to choose a subject topic that is both easy to study and current. If you are looking to get a good mark and get your tutor’s approval, you should pay attention to the pre-writing stages, and the most crucial step is to choose a research issue.

How to Choose a Nursing Research Topic?

Nursing students often work on research papers, but they must select healthcare research themes in their third year. This research paper must discuss some of the most pressing health challenges that people confront. Finding the appropriate research topic that would pique genuine curiosity can be challenging. Furthermore, new ailments are identified, necessitating the need for these nurses to do a study to tackle the problems.

Let’s take a look at the steps of formulating the perfect healthcare research paper –

  1. Start with a brainstorming session –

You may make things easier by analyzing your immediate surroundings and identifying the health problems that most people have. Once you’ve compiled a list of possible topics, sit down and choose one. Use the five W’s and How’s to help you limit down your options. You might choose to emphasize the issues, consequences, causes, benefits, and even groups responsible for the deterioration or improvement in health.

  1. Choose a feasible concept –

When choosing good healthcare research topics, make sure you have the materials you’ll need to conduct the study. Choose a project that you can handle in terms of workload. To help define the issue, use keywords. Try finding the concepts you love to talk about; this way, you can ensure your research journey will be an interesting one.

  1. Be prepared for changes –

During the early phases of selecting nursing research subjects, you may come across enough information to convince you that you don’t need to explore further. However, as you continue your investigation, you may find that the data you have acquired is insufficient. That will encourage you to read more to get adequate information to cover your topic.

  1. Make a question out of your topic –

The majority of good research topics are provided in the form of a question. That enables the writer to respond to the question and offer potential answers to the issue at hand. Not only this, but the author also needs to make sure that your paper is capable enough to answer the counterarguments your professors or rivals may ask of you. The problem statement is something your thesis must answer in the conclusions, but you need to include the problem statements in your abstract.

  1. Conduct research and formulate a thesis statement –

Add to what you currently know, then use it to create a thesis statement that will drive your entire investigation. The thesis statement will respond to the topic question you have posed. A topic that is the same as the thesis statement is not required. Make sure that neither of them contradicts the other, though. In your conclusion, be sure to add your recommendation, if you found any, but keep the research open to questions that you found while pursuing your paper but couldn’t answer due to some constraints. This way, you can ensure that your study might encounter further studies.

  1. Take citations very seriously –

An in-text citation should be used whenever you explicitly quote, paraphrase, or synthesize the crucial aspects of someone else’s notion in your work. Citations are a way to show your seriousness towards the research paper. Never forget to cite correctly.

Now that you know how to formulate your research paper, let us give you some exciting nursing topics to choose your nursing thesis title to instill curiosity in your professors.

For the sake of greater understanding, we will group the list of thesis topics in nursing so that you can take up the nursing thesis ideas based on your area of interest.

Nursing Research Topics Related to Children

  1. The causes of ADHD and how to treat it.
  2. Autism and Vaccination, the common causes and busting the myths
  3. Antibiotic Resistance in Children in Preschool, how to prevent them.
  4. Causes of Infant Seizures.
  5. Practices in Adolescent Medicine, how parents can be more careful.
  6. Obesity in children and the importance of eating well. How can regular Joe get out of this?
  7. Ethics in Paediatrics, what you need to keep in mind while making recommendations.
  8. Therapy for Speech Disorders, how can we use technology for the same.

Nursing Research Topics Related to Adults

  1. Treatment for Acute Coronary Syndrome. How to prevent it.
  2. Anxiety Disorders and Their Causes with related to eating habit.
  3. Non-Chemical Treatments for Bipolar Disorder, the side-effects, and advantages.
  4. Innovations in Clinical Cardiology. What more can be done in this field.
  5. Migraine case, causes, and preventions are there no treatment?
  6. Adult Mental Health and Psychiatric Care, how it impacts their lives.
  7. Sports Medicine and Exercise benefits in our lives.
  8. Importance of dental and oral health hygiene and what are the possible outcome if not taken seriously.
  9. Obesity and Weight Loss Programs, their benefits and threats.
  10. How the keto diet is killing you inside.

Nursing Research Topics Related to Food and Eating Habits

  1. Top ten foods that are harmful to children when they are fed at school
  2. The importance of consuming more veggies than meat and carbohydrates
  3. Why is it preferable to consume plant-based foods than animal and manufactured foods?
  4. Benefits of consuming alcohol?
  5. Why can honey save your lives on multiple occasions?
  6. How can coconuts save your life while stranded on an island?

Mental Well-being Nursing Topic Ideas

  1. The most common indications of mental illness that go unnoticed
  2. What are the most prevalent mental diseases, and what is the most effective treatment?
  3. The stigma attached to Mental illness and how education can help.
  4. Is it physically possible to cure mental illness?
  5. Causes of Depression and ways to get rid of them?
  6. Disorders of Alcoholism and the behavioral changes.
  7. Schizophrenia Diagnostics and restricting the brain.
  8. Video Games and Teenage Aggression
  9. You to relieve your anxiety and ways to channel your creative mind?
  10. Physical Traumas and Recovering Techniques

Nursing Thesis Topic Ideas on Terminal Illnesses

  1. What is the best method to handle a terminally ill patient?
  2. The significance of seeking counseling for a terminally ill patient
  3. What physicians don’t tell you about caring for someone who is terminally ill
  4. Why is it necessary for a terminally ill individual to have a meal plan?
  5. How euthanasia can help terminally ill patients.
  6. Ethical struggle with euthanasia, how can you handle it?

Interesting Nursing Topics Related to Women’s Well-being

  1. Treatment and Prognosis for Breast Cancer
  2. Ethical Guidelines for Infertility
  3. Menopause’s Difficulties how Yoga can help?
  4. Neonatal Care in the Modern Era vs. the Neonatal Care in a rural area
  5. Analysis of Ovarian Disorders
  6. Preventing Pregnancy with external agents and their side effects.
  7. Endocrinology of Reproduction a study on technological advancements?
  8. Women’s Sleep Disorders and how you too can prevent them?
  9. Sexual Health Issues in Women and how you can prevent the aftermath.

Nursing Thesis Topic Ideas on Pain Management

  1. Children’s Abdominal Pain Management
  2. Rheumatoid Arthritis and how Opioids can help ease your pain.
  3. The Botulinum Toxin and Pain Management Debate
  4. Cons and Advantages of Therapeutic Injections
  5. Rehabilitation for Myofascial Pain
  6. Opioids and Bone Healing the aftermath challenges.

List of Thesis Topics in Nursing Related to Nurses

  1. In the absence of a doctor, may a nurse dispense medication?
  2. What rules Nurses confront and legal concerns they face.
  3. How does a nurse deal with mental stress and anxiety?
  4. How nursing care quality needs can be improved?
  5. What role does a nurse play in the medical center’s progress?
  6. Do the abuses nurses face in their professional life?
  7. Cognitive therapy can aid in the recovery of mental stress.
  8. Why is cultural sensitivity among healthcare workers on the rise?
  9. Is a nurse accountable for a doctor’s incorrectly given medication?
  10. What to do if, as a nurse, you are faced with workplace concerns.
  11. How to make use of the employee benefits as a nurse?

Abstract Nursing Research Topics

  1. Why is marijuana getting legalized? What are the related concerns?
  2. How can children cope up with the changing ways due to Covid-19?
  3. What doctors should do about the high fatality rate among post-surgery patients.
  4. The untold story of the most commonly abused medicines among nurses.
  5. What strategies can hospitals take to decrease infectious disease outbreaks?

Now you have all the ingredients you need to cook yourself the best nursing thesis paper there is, and based on how well you can perform the literature review for your piece; you are surely destined to make an everlasting impression. Still unsure how to start and follow the methodology, you can always check for a research paper helper. You might be amazed at the extent of support you can yield from ordering your research paper online by an expert.


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