Art History Thesis Topics: 315 Enticing Ideas

Art History Thesis Topics

Art history entails the study of Art from the ancient era to the present, including cultural ideals, aesthetics, philosophies, and techniques related to Art. People have been immersing themselves in various forms of Art for centuries. As a result, there are a plethora of topics in art history. These topics are the perfect blend of themes and influences. However, it is no surprise that even after these countless research areas, students still need help to choose their topic.

Choosing the right topic is essential for securing top scores. On the contrary, a topic that isn’t worth researching can cost you time, energy, and, most importantly, your grades. Thus, to help students, we have researched some of the most exciting art history thesis topics. Below is a list of some excellent thesis topics that have been thoroughly categorized according to different research areas in art history.

Essential Suggestions to Choose Excellent Topic

Students can choose their art history topics based on a specific notion, country, or geographic area in mind. According to our expert writers, the ideal topic for a student should be based on a particular form of Art, an artist, or different interpretations of the style.

  • Historical periods such as the medieval, Renaissance, and Hellenistic periods are brilliant areas to study the different artistic activities in those times.
  • Key organizing notions and stylistic characteristics, such as Mannerism, Gothicism, and Modernism, can also be an exciting art thesis topic.
  • Specific groupings of artists can sometimes give rise to excellent art history paper topics relating to artistic and philosophical inclinations known as “movements” or “genres.” These include Fauvism, Bauhaus, and Postmodernism.
  • Materials such as porcelain or bronze and specialized methods like fresco, watercolor, or engraving are potentially fruitful study fields in art history. Combining these artistic materials and styles of a particular period or location is the ideal approach to creating the most brilliant topics for all times.
  • Another important aspect of framing the best art history topic is using a particular period, location, or artist or practitioner as your topic. An example of such a topic can be Mexico’s women photographers during the late 80s or a comparative analysis of the graffiti art of Los Angeles or New York City.

Art History Thesis Topics

Art history topics provide students with a brilliant opportunity to dive deeper into the world of Art. You get to study an array of enticing concepts revolving around the history of the arts. However, even after the endless list of unique paper ideas, it is no surprise that students still have difficulty selecting their “perfect” topic. Students prefer taking paper writing help from trustworthy writers at Additionally, we’ve enumerated some unique art history paper topics to help and inspire students to deliver an excellent thesis.

Riveting Modern Art Topics for Art History

Modern Art brings innovation to existing styles, forms, and movements. It has played a significant role in replacing traditional forms of Art by experimenting with shapes, lines, texture, and colors. Writing a thesis from this era would give you a thrilling experience filled with exciting facts and breathtaking art forms. Here are some of the best art history topics based on Modern Art:

  1. Modern Art from the late 19th century
  2. A comparative analysis of classical versus modern Art
  3. Milton Avery, the American modernist painter
  4. Modern Art and Desublimation
  5. Gustav Klimt’s eclectic style in “The Kiss.”
  6. Essential archives of Modern Art
  7. A critical review of the effects of globalization on the modern art movements
  8. The modern arts in Europe: an overview
  9. Contemporary Art in Zimbabwe
  10. The European influence on modern Art on American artists
  11. Caricatures’ Representation of Contemporary Society
  12. Urban Street Art: The Mysteries of Banksy’s Paintings
  13. Impressionism vs. Cubism: A Comparative Analysis

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Art History Thesis Topics from the Middle Ages

Art history from this epoch amazes everyone who wants to dig deeper into the interesting facts and theories related to this period. So, if you also enjoy such topics, this section of art history thesis topics on the medieval era might be intriguing to you:

  1. The recent advancements in the artwork of Raphael
  2. Critical art history and medieval art literature
  3. The representation of humanist ideas in the Art of the medieval era
  4. Frida Kahlo and her creative works in the 20th century
  5. Mogul paintings: an overview
  6. The secrets and mysteries associated with the Mona Lisa
  7. A closer look at Da Vinci’s masterpieces
  8. Gothic and International Gothic artworks
  9. A critical analysis of medieval and modern art history
  10. Elements of Gothic Art
  11. Discrimination against women in medieval art history
  12. Gothic Art in the medieval era
  13. The greatest Russian medieval painters of all time
  14. History of photography
  15. The astonishing Art of the Mughal empire
  16. Evolution of paintings from an art history perspective

Ancient Civilization Art History Thesis Topics

An ancient civilization is considered the cradle of arts. It’s a time of mysteries and secrets. Some artists still draw inspiration from famous ancient artworks. This research section will allow you to dig deeper into the spirits of an ancient civilization. Selecting a topic from this list will help you capture the essence of Art in its raw form. If you want to dig deeper into the field of ancient civilization, here are some inspiring topics for you:

  1. The Design and Significance of Cartouche in Ancient Egyptian Art
  2. Mexico’s women photographers during the late 80s
  3. The Secrets Behind the Art and Architecture of ancient Rome
  4. The Art of Mesopotamia: Facts and Trends
  5. Artifact Study Reveals Ancient Chinese Culture Characteristics
  6. The Sculpture of Mesopotamia
  7. Chinese Ritual of Bronzes in Ancient China
  8. The hidden connection between the Egyptian and Mayan pyramids?
  9. The Secret Facts and Mysteries of Mesoamerican Pyramids
  10. Early Art in Hinduism
  11. How Ancient Civilizations Prepared their Way for Modern Art
  12. Scythian Art Masterpieces: An Overview
  13. Religion and Culture in Aztec Art
  14. Traditional Japanese costumes: an overview
  15. An Introduction to Sumerian Art and Culture
  16. Ancient Egyptian Funerary Arts
  17. Traditional Chinese Costumes
  18. The attributes of Minoan Fresco Paintings
  19. A comparative analysis between the Celtic art styles of Hallstatt and LA Tene
  20. The Development of Art in Asia
  21. The Art of Classical Greece
  22. A detailed analysis of the artworks of ancient civilization
  23. Myths and artworks from the ancient civilization
  24. Music of ancient Mesopotamia and Egypt
  25. The ancient heritage spread during the Renaissance
  26. A detailed study on the Mayan tribes: ancient American civilization
  27. The Art of the Amarna period in Egypt

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Ancient Greek Art History Topics for Thesis

  1. The influence of ancient Greek theatre on modern theatre
  2. The secrets and mysteries behind the architecture and Art of ancient Greece
  3. Artistic production in Ancient Greece
  4. Poetry in ancient Greece
  5. Polykleitos: The Ancient Greek Sculptor
  6. Development of Art in ancient Greece
  7. Ancient Greek artistic culture during the Archaic
  8. Inclusion of fresco paintings on ancient Greek structures
  9. The significant components of ancient Greek and ancient Roman Art
  10. The significance of pottery and vases in Ancient Greek Art

Art History Topics on Artist Bibliographies

When framing a brilliant research paper, nothing could be better than analyzing the life and works of a prominent personality. You get to analyze their personal and professional lives, their struggles, successes, and downfalls all at the same time. Through the following art history thesis ideas, you will dig deeper into the lives of some of the most influential artists in the art world.

Influential Artists from the 18th Century

  1. William Blake: A Misunderstood Poet, Visionary, and Artist
  2. Madame Tussaud’s Long-Lasting Influence on Art
  3. The Life and Career of William Turner
  4. Mikhail Lomonosov and His Influence on Science, Education, and Literature
  5. Francisco de Goya: Creating Art That Changed the World
  6. The masterpieces of Katsushika Hokusai.
  7. Francisco Goya, who composed the prominent black paintings
  8. Marie Tussaud, the French modeler who founded the wax museum
  9. Exploring the lives of Jacques-Louis David, the finest artist of the 18th century
  10. The contribution of Eugène Delacroix to the development of Modern Art
  11. The life of J.M.W. Turner: the magnificent painter and poet
  12. An introduction to the life of the French painter, Eugène Delacroix
  13. The Life and Works of John Constable
  14. Jean-Auguste-Dominique Ingres: an overview.

Influential Artists from the 19th Century

  1. Gustav Klimt: The Master of Symbolism
  2. Claude Manet as a Symbol of Impressionism
  3. Adolf Menzel and the German Realist Art Period
  4. Vincent Van Gogh: The Forgotten Genius
  5. Paul Cezanne and a Shift to 20th-Century Art
  6. Auguste Renoir, the only surviving Impressionist,
  7. Pierre-Auguste Renoir: Innovative Elements and Principles of Art
  8. Claude Monet: the painter of light and color
  9. Weird Facts About Vincent Willem Van Gogh
  10. Alfred Sisley: the most consistent Impressionists

Influential Artists from the 20th Century

  1. Frida Khalo was a Mexican painter inspired by Mexican artifacts and nature.
  2. Surrealism through magical realism in Frida Kahlo’s work
  3. The Art of Pablo Picasso
  4. Salvador Dali’s Surreal World,
  5. Andy Warhol, a key player in the Pop Art Movement
  6. Louise Bourgeois and the Origins of Installation Art in Europe
  7. Cultural Appropriations and Identificatory in Emily Carr’s Work
  8. The American Pop Art King, Andy Warhol
  9. Louise Bourgeois, a pioneer of abstract sculpture and installation art
  10. The Face of Abstract Expressionism, Jackson Pollock
  11. The mother of American modernism, Georgia O’Keeffe
  12. Judy Chicago is a feminist artist, educator, and writer.
  13. Marcel Duchamp: Conceptual Art, Dada, and Cubism

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Art History Thesis Topics for Different Epochs

Every creative era introduces fresh ideas to the field of Art. These are the different stylistic trends, the predominating artistic movement, and the methods employed by artists. You may discover a vast array of distinctive artistic and literary styles, techniques, and subjects, as well as all the significant artists who employed them, by concentrating on a particular creative era in the history of Art. Here are a few eras and associated subjects you can pick from.

18th Century

  1. Influence and Contributions of Denis Diderot’s French Art Criticism
  2. A Synopsis of Eugene Delacroix’s Career
  3. How the Culture of Neoclassicism Combines Old and New Ideas
  4. The Relationship Between the Industrial Revolution and Art Development
  5. The Late Baroque Style in Architecture
  6. Art in the Baroque epoch
  7. The First Vienna School’s Most Notable Alumni Association
  8. A detailed analysis of the designs of Rococo and Baroque
  9. The Rococo Style in Interior Design
  10. Marquis de Sade’s Influence on 18th-Century Literature
  11. The Characteristics of the Baroque Complex Style

19th Century

  1. From a Discarded to a Great Artist: A critical analysis of the life of Edouard Manet
  2. Exposing the Connection Between Goya’s Prints and 19th-century French Caricatures
  3. Art and education for women in the 19th century
  4. The Victorian Beauty Codes and How They Were Reflected in Art
  5. The essence of Giovanni Strazza’s “the veiled virgin” carving
  6. Why was Paul Gauguin’s artwork called savage?
  7. Analysis of “Sunrise” by Claude Monet
  8. What Made “The Starry Night” by Vincent van Gogh So Famous Worldwide?
  9. Francisco de Goya’s Paintings and Their Significance in Art History
  10. Analyzing Edgar Degas’s Famous Dancer Paintings: Capturing the Movement

20th Century

  1. The Basic and Advanced Principles of Futurism Under a Magnifying Glass
  2. The Symbolism in Frida Kahlo’s Paintings
  3. Pushing the Boundaries: Jackson Pollock’s Special Approach to Making Art
  4. The Impact of Kazimir Malevich on the Evolution of Abstract Art
  5. The Expressionist Elements Prominent in Edvard Munch’s Works
  6. Dali’s Art: An Examination of Consciousness and Dreams
  7. Abstract Expressionism’s Distinctive Methods
  8. The Reconciliation or War Between the Styles in Gustav Klimt’s Work
  9. How cultural attitudes influenced pop art and the use of familiar objects in Art
  10. What Makes the Best Concept Art Pieces Unique?


  1. Baroque art and architecture movements
  2. The Key Artists and Paintings of the Baroque Period
  3. Philosemitism in the Baroque Period
  4. Art in the Baroque epoch
  5. Art and architecture in the Baroque Period
  6. A comparative analysis of the Baroque and Rococo stylistic periods
  7. Gender portrayals in the Baroque Period


  1. Artistic, literary, and musical Romanticism
  2. Sublime Art in the 19th Century
  3. 19th-Century Romantic Aesthetics
  4. Romanticism in 20th-Century Literature
  5. The social influence of literary and artistic Romanticism
  6. Romanesque Art and architecture
  7. The artistic culture of the Romanticism and Positivism eras
  8. The roots of Romanticism
  9. The correlation between Romanticism and gender
  10. Understanding Romanticism as an anthology

Best Art History Topics from Various Cultures

Writing a thesis based on the different cultures around the world isn’t a challenging task. Once you’ve decided on a topic, you can find many credible resources and information on any culture. So, here are some of the best ideas about different cultures worldwide.

  1. Art in the Renaissance Period
  2. The Cultural Legacy of African Americans and Their Contribution to Modern American Art
  3. How Iranian Culture is Reflected in Iranian Cinema
  4. “The Holy Virgin Mary” by Chris Ofili
  5. Discuss Islamic arts in ancient Africa.
  6. The importance of Art for ritual life in Africa
  7. The evolution of Art in the Hellenistic period
  8. Art and socio-politics in Africa
  9. War Dance as a Cross-Cultural Phenomenon
  10. The Nubian Pyramids at Meroe
  11. Analyze modern Art in Zimbabwe.
  12. Art in Tanzania: a critical analysis
  13. Strangers in African Art
  14. Origin and development of Art in India
  15. Paul Gauguin and savagery
  16. Dance as a Cross-Cultural Form of Art
  17. The Styles, Materials, and Cultural Origins of Japanese Calligraphy
  18. A detailed analysis of the prehistoric Art of Europe
  19. Cross-Cultural Perspectives on Music and Dance
  20. “Origin of the World” by Gustave Courbet
  21. Textile and Fashion of Nomadic Asian Tribes
  22. Buddhist Art in India
  23. Art in the Mannerism period
  24. The tribal icons of African Art
  25. Marcel Duchamp as a controversial artist
  26. Arts and culture in India
  27. Yoko Ono as the controversial and groundbreaking artist
  28. Modern Dance Styles and Their Origins
  29. The Unique Features and Styles Found in the Hindi Film Industry
  30. Performance art in China

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Art History Thesis Topics Based on Impressionism

Impressionism was a significant movement in the 19th century. This style gave birth to the artistic style of capturing the moment, feeling, or experience, especially in its changing effects of light and color. Check out these excellent art history paper topics and pick the best one.

  1. The origins of impressionism
  2. How Impressionism Modified the Foundational Concepts of Art
  3. Monet and Manet’s Views of Nature
  4. Art and modernity in impressionism
  5. The life of Claude Manet: the founder of impressionism
  6. Edgar Degas and His Ballet Dancers’ Social Impact
  7. The French Impressionists: Changing the Face of Art
  8. Impressionist Auguste Renoir: The Final Representative of Impressionism
  9. The Ancient Culture of Art
  10. Rococo interior design
  11. Cubism vs. Impressionism: A Comparative Analysis
  12. Different approaches to impressionism used by the pioneers or artists
  13. The impact of impressionism on the hierarchy of arts
  14. Influence of impressionism in Japan
  15. An overview of the impressionist art movements
  16. Impressionism and post-impressionism
  17. Critical changes in painting techniques occurred throughout the impressionist era.
  18. Differences between impressionism and realism
  19. Why Canon and Traditions Were Against Impressionism
  20. The impact of the sketch-like appearance

Art History Topics Based on the Renaissance

Researching and writing about Renaissance-related art history topics will be challenging. However, you must know that these research topics are trendy among professors and students. Could you give it a try?

  1. The anatomy of the human figure in Art
  2. Discuss the strange altarpieces of the Renaissance era.
  3. Discuss the concept of humanism.
  4. A thorough examination of rationality throughout the Renaissance
  5. Realism throughout the Renaissance.
  6. Fresco cycles: an overview
  7. The evolution of secularism over the years
  8. The role of light in paintings
  9. A detailed examination of linear perspective
  10. Landscape in Renaissance art

Topics for Art History Based on Photography

Yes, photography is also an art form—a visual art form, to be precise. This field of Art can capture emotions, moments, and perspectives. If you are interested in this field.

  1. Using lighting for photography strategically
  2. The history of photography
  3. Camera Obscura: The First Ancestor of Modern Photography
  4. The influence of digital evolution on photography
  5. Remark on three of the most well-known photographers’ artistic expressions.
  6. Documenting the artist’s vision on camera
  7. The Problems with Lenses and the 19th-century Solution
  8. A detailed study on the social impact and significance of war photography during wars
  9. How photography transformed Art
  10. About Vivian Maier Mysteries: The Secret Archives of Her Street Photography
  11. Timing and framing strategies
  12. The History of Photography through centuries
  13. Do photos qualify as Art?
  14. Ansel Adams’s role in associating photography with the fine arts
  15. The many lighting options in a picture studio
  16. Is war photography an artistic medium?
  17. The significance of architecture and photography in the modern age
  18. Using images to convey emotions
  19. The career and life of Alfred Stieglitz
  20. The Role of Photography in films
  21. Self-portrait photography: beyond the selfies

Art History Thesis Topics Based on Architecture

Given how the present technology boom influences every element of our lives and the necessity for in-depth research, architecture is a crucial and timely field. It is one of the oldest forms of Art in global history. Check out the following art history thesis topics on architecture:

  1. Denis Abbey Church’s significance for Gothic design
  2. The significance of architecture in ancient times
  3. The significance of Art in architecture in the ancient era
  4. Politics and women’s positions in Ancient Rome’s architecture
  5. Constructivism in architecture
  6. Neoclassical Architecture
  7. The main trends and styles in 20th-century architecture
  8. The secrets behind the architecture in ancient Rome
  9. The elements of Gothic architecture
  10. The impact of Roman architecture on modern designs
  11. A comparative analysis between Art Nouveau and Art Deco?
  12. The Late Baroque Architecture
  13. Greek architecture in the Doric, Ionic, and Corinthian styles: a comparative analysis
  14. A detailed analysis of the late Gothic arts and architecture
  15. The late Baroque architecture
  16. What was the influence of eastern Art and designs on western architecture?
  17. The impact of constructivism on architecture
  18. Ancient and modern architecture: an overview
  19. History of Indian architecture
  20. Influence of Islamic architecture on western architecture
  21. The great mysteries of the pyramid construction
  22. An introduction to indigenous African architecture

Art History Paper Topics for Theatre

During ancient times, watching the theatre was one of the people’s most important forms of entertainment. Through time, the theater has significantly evolved to become a constant source of entertainment for us. Theater helps us gain perspective on the outside world, understand different cultures, and much more. Go through the following topics and pick out the best for you:

  1. Greek theatre in the ancient times
  2. Understanding theatre as an art
  3. The history of Greek theatre
  4. A handbook on the impact of ancient Greek theatre on the modern one
  5. Contribution of William Shakespeare to British Drama and Theatre
  6. A comparative analysis of the Elizabethan theatre and the modern theatre
  7. Understanding the Theater of the Absurd about “Waiting for Godot” by Samuel Beckett
  8. The history of Broadway musicals and theatres
  9. How did theatre evolve in ancient times?
  10. Theater as a force for social and cultural evolution

Final Words

Art is considered one of the vast fields that offer students an endless amount of topics to research. There needs to be more ground to cover, which makes it challenging for students to choose the right art topic and frame their thesis. For your help, our writers have thoroughly enumerated these unique and exciting topics. Our significant goal is to mentor or guide students and help them with their academic curricula. Our thesis help services are to free students from their academic problems; for that, we are available round-the-clock. This post will allow you to find the perfect topic and start your writing journey.

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