Terms of Use

We request you to please read the below terms of use carefully before hiring us for your assignments and projects. Once you hire us for your projects we will consider that you have gone through all the clauses mentioned here and you do not have any kind of issues with any of them. If you have any kind of issue, we request you to stop your work and contact us for further clarification if needed. Here in the text, ‘We’, ‘Us’ words are used to mention our company and ‘You’ signifies the student, teacher, guardian, parent or anybody who is taking any kind of service from our end.

  • The assignments and projects written and prepared by us are solely our property and meant for your personal use. You can however use that for any kind of non commercial purposes.
  • We are not permitting anyone to edit, modify or copy a part or the full write up under any circumstances. You are not allowed to use the assignment write up for further commercial purposes.
  • Generally the project price includes the cost of proofreading. If the paper write up exceeds the normal time limit, it will attract more money.
  • The services provided by us are copyrighted to us only. You cannot resold or reuse the write up apart from the purpose you stated while contacting our end. We are not allowing any third party to use our original product for their personal or commercial usages.
  • If your age is under 10 years, you are not permitted to take any service from our end. You can however contact us under parental guidance. You can ask your parents or guardian to reach us and book our service.
  • The rights to access to the materials are solely made for you and for your own use only. You are not permitted or allowed to share the right to access to anyone else. Unless we provide you this in writing, you are not allowed for it.
  • Though you have booked services from our end, we are only offering you the service for your non commercial purposes only. You can however copy, share, delete, modify, print, perform, transmit, distribute, download, reproduce or sell any kind of information available from our website only when you have the right to access the material in writing from our end.
  • You cannot take credit for the assignment provided by our tutors. You can however modify and reproduce it only after asking permission from our end. By registering with our services you are declaring that you are abiding by this rule properly.
  • If any of the terms violated from your end, we can terminate your work with us at any point of time with or without informing you. We are always there to assist you, but we cannot take any liability for any kind of delay or interruption to access the website.
  • We are not going to take liability of data loss on your network, computer or server. We will consider this as a technical glitch only.
  • All the software used by our professionals is the best in the market. Though we use genuine software, glitches can be found sometimes.
  • Access to the website is purely on us. We can suspend the access at any point due to different reasons. We hold the right to do so and are not answerable to anyone.
  • We always try to offer the best service. But we cannot guarantee a hundred percent performance with faulty software at your end.
  • Out tutors are certified and we are always there to help the students throughout the course. But failure of a student or an assignment is not our fault. Assignments are just a part of the subject. Many more factors should be considered.
  • If the paper is not done properly or found poor in quality, we are there to rework on it. There is however no facility available to refund your money. Our writers are there and they will make sure that the rework passes the test.
  • Mismatch of expectations can take place at any point. The expert and the client connect over phone or internet. Hence the mismatch can take place. The expert should get enough time to rework on the project and eliminate the mismatch.
  • Delivery of the work depends on the payment option chosen by the client only. We are always on time and we will definitely offer you the whole assignment before the promised deadline.
  • If the expert needs to rework a lot of time on the project, the price of the project will increase. Rework can happen once or twice. If the client asks the expert to rework on the project over and over again, the price will definitely increase.
  • The policies mentioned under the policy segment are reserved with us only. We fully reserve the right to change, eliminate, delete or rewrite these terms of use at any point of time.

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